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Archive for the 'Writing' Category

By the Way…

While at RT, I picked up a lovely award for Mad About the Duke. The 2010 Reviewer’s Choice Award for Best Love & Laughter Historical. I tried to tell a joke as I accepted the award but it sort of fell flat. Way to go for the funny writer. Let me tell you, humor is a lot easier to write than execute before a live audience.

But I have to credit the Duke of Parkerton for being the real comic genius of this story. He arrived in This Rake of Mine, all stiff and proper and ducal, and … Read more »

Getting the Ball Rolling

Sometimes getting a book started is easy. Other times it takes a lot of what would appear to most people as a lot of screwing around. But sometimes that screwing around is just what is needed to get the story all shaken out before you really jump into the writing.

But don’t expect your husband to be happy when he asks you how your day was, and you reply: “Great. I had to spend an hour looking at photos of hot guys.”

I know, rough job, but someone has to do it. To be fair, I did share the love, … Read more »

And a Happy New Year!

My friend Jenifer posted something on my Facebook Fan page the other day that really got me thinking–I mean really thinking and mulling and plotting and planning. She said: …I make sure I knit a lot on New Years day because “they say” that whatever you do on NYDay you will be doing all year.

What a cool notion! Ever since she posted that, I’ve been rethinking January 1st in all kinds of different ways. What do I want to be doing in 2011? There are any number of areas in my life I would love to focus on in … Read more »

Merry Christmas!

Thank you one and all for the wonderful year you have shared with me. From your posts here on this blog, to your friendship on Facebook, to your kind emails that arrive in my inbox like little presents, I find daily reminders about why I love being an author–the readers who share my joy in happy endings, a bit of comedy and a dash of adventure. I am constantly amazed that you care so deeply about these characters I’ve created (yes, I am talking about you die-hard Marlowe fans!) and how much they live through not only through my … Read more »

Hey, Jason

One of the occupational hazards of being a romance author is email from men you don’t know. And not the usual strangers pushing prescription drugs and things to make my root grow like wood, but men who want to send you pictures of themselves, specifically male models. Yes, there it is, one of the perks of being a romance author: young, half dressed men send you their pictures just for you to privately oogle and enjoy, er review, purely on a professional level, of course.

But I realized I was being selfish, keeping these emails to myself, that and … Read more »

London Calling

Every five years or so, I pack my bags and toddle over the North Pole and drop in on London. And this being one of those years, I am about to leave again. I didn’t think I was going to go this year–the difficulties of finding a time to leave the family, the expense, was it the right year to go (okay, is there ever a wrong year?), but like my grandmother always said, when things are right, they will align for you. And so it was this year.

A few months ago, my husband came home and rattled keys … Read more »

Manga Me

Yes, the Japanese manga versions of This Rake of Mine and Something About Emmaline have started to arrive, starting with the two volume set of Emmaline. I have to admit that of all the things that have happened in my career, this really tickles me. I don’t know why, but it just does. Perhaps it is just the fact that I sit in my office in Seattle and spin my words into sentences and paragraphs, and now my stories are finding new lives all over the globe. It is humbling and leaves me awe-struck.

Thank you to everyone who has … Read more »

My GLEE inspired RWA Conference Tips

Hey, I’m not going to Orlando for the Romance Writers of America conference next week. I hadn’t planned on going when it was in Nashville, and as I told my editor, I had no desire trade a swamped hotel in Nashville for a hotel in a swamp. But then again, after nearly twenty years of attending RWA National conferences (Gads, I must have started going when I was like, 12) I’ve come up with my Glee inspired Top 5 Tips to keep you from going mad in the rushed, harried craziness that is “National.”

1) Conference is not Sectionals, Regionals Read more »

Maya Rodale Drops By

My friend, Maya Rodale, drops by to talk about: Life in London

There’s nothing like living in a place to really know it intimately, and thus to write about it authentically. Since actually visiting Regency London is out of the question, the next best thing is living in London. I was lucky to get to do that. P1000811_2

Thanks to my graduate school program, I was able to spend 8 weeks in London on an independent research project. Topic: romance fiction, of course. As I was reading early 1800’s gothic romances and other novels, along with conduct guides and things like … Read more »

What to Read

I have been absent, and my apologies. I am deep into writing right now and settling down to write more just isn’t on the agenda right now. But I took the weekend off to go to my aunt’s memorial service in Idaho, so I feel ready to type again and thought I would put something, anything up here quick before the glow wore off.

MBO Regency Romance coverI blogged last time about looking for something to read, and not long after that, lo and behold, you would never believe what came in the mail. Yes, something cool to read. Finished copies of The Read more »


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