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Archive for the 'Uncategorized' Category

Spring Reading

Ever since I went to the PLA (Public Library Association) conference in Portland, I’ve been back to my old habit of reading like a madwoman. It isn’t that I wasn’t reading before I went, but after several days spent talking books with librarians–and believe me, there is no one who loves books more passionately than a librarian–I came home with a suitcase of new treasures and have been digging in like a woman starved.

And I really didn’t notice this change in habits (I mean, I’ve been putting down my knitting to read more) until I was on the Historical … Read more »

A Bit Absent

I know I’ve been a bit absent lately, and for that I apologize. Usually it is because I have a book due and I am overrun with a deadline. But this time it was family–my dear and beloved Aunt Susie passed away very suddenly.

This picture was taken last summer when all of us got together. The day was so much fun, telling family stories, laughing over past follies, sharing handcrafts, and having one of Aunt Dar’s fabulous luncheons.

Aunt Sue was such a special part of my life and it has broken my heart, as well as leaving her … Read more »

Never Eat Sugar Cookies While Writing

So I’ve been writing away on the next book trying to get it finished, and working like crazy over the holidays. And unfortunately eating right along with the pages. As a result my book seems to have grown rather, ahem, fat on that diet. Apparently a steady influx of fudge, cookies and candy canes has a way of sneaking pages into your manuscript, while also adding to the writer’s bottom line.

(That in itself is a subject for another day).

But as for my current dilemma, I glanced up at my page count the other day as I’ve been … Read more »

Just Saying . . .

With the waning days of summer, be warned that you might get caught up in the last of the sunny days, and you might be driving down the street and see, perhaps, a really hot and handsome guy working on some landscaping or perhaps at a construction site. And in that halcyon daze of sunshine, you might just have the urge to hoot. You know, a little “woo-ha” for the hot guy. Or perhaps a really loud one, just because you want to howl and it is after all, nearly the end of hot-guy-without-his-shirt-on season. If you find yourself in … Read more »

July Contest Winner

A quick update–the winner of my July contest is Patricia B. of Jonesborough, TN. She’ll be receiving a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble. If you aren’t Patricia, don’t despair, there is a new Contest posted and open for entries. Get yours in today and you might find your name listed her next month. … Read more »

The Backlog

If you have emailed me in the last, say, three months, you know that I am a little behind on the answering part. My email usually gets busy when a book comes out, but this year, with the two, the response was overwhelming and then, of course, I got sick, so nothing got answered, so now I have a HUGE backlog of email. So if you have written, please be patient with me–I am making an effort to get caught up now that my next book is done, the revisions (just a bit of tweaking per my editor) are in, … Read more »

Thank You! And I Held Hands With Dash

Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of you who went rushing out and bought your books and put Confessions of a Little Black Gown on the New York Times bestseller list and on USA Today’s list as well. It was amazing to get back from being out of town and finding those messages on the machine. Like finding a solid chocolate bunny in the Easter basket, not one of those hollow ones. So my deep, humble and heart felt appreciation for your support.

Warning, if you haven’t read Confessions yet, this next part contains a spoiler.

Another thing I … Read more »

The Final Tally and A New Survey

Thank you so much for all your well wishes (my hand sends extra thanks you, and my shoulder as well) and your great guesses. BTW, my hand is nearly back to 100%, but I’ve had to lay off the knitting and gardening all week. But necessary when you realize the final tally was 130 boxes of signed books, and since as an industry standard, a box of mass market paperbacks always contains 48 books, I signed 6240 books, give or take a few that came out of the box a little worse for wear–another industry standard, I fear. (And there … Read more »

One At A Time

Ever wondered when you find an autographed book in the grocery store or the Target how it got there? Did the author do–as it is known in the business–a drive-by? Or did they, as I just did this week, find themselves in a warehouse surrounded by pallets of books (yes, I said pallets, not boxes) and were asked to sign all of them, so that not only your Target or Meijer’s or Krogers has an autographed copy, but so do every other store in that chain, state, or region.

That is how I found myself this week in a warehouse … Read more »

44 Days to Deadline

And every single one counts. So I didn’t need to wake up to the phone tree ringing at 6 am, and the notice that school is two hours late. Late?! Huh? How come?! Then I looked outside.

I sort of sympathize with my poor, wee little primrose. I know exactly how it feels.… Read more »


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