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NaNoWriMo Prep: Digging Deep into Your Characters

Let’s get to work on what I love most: creating characters. I love my characters. I love spending time with them, mulling over the problems facing them, how they are going to respond, but most importantly, how are they going to respond and why do they respond that way. So as you start to plan your month of writing consider some of this advice for helping round out and develop your characters.

From birth, we all collect experiences that shape how we do everything. And if you want to create living, breathing characters you have to consider their experience as … Read more »

Quick Tips for Creating a Brazen Heroine

As you are working towards getting your story idea fleshed out, you will want to get your heroine ready for some Brazen action. Here is a quick checklist for creating the Brazen heroine. Sit down with a notebook or your character sheet and consider the following:

1) Write down your definition of Brazen

2) Look for examples from real life or history

  • Determine society’s boundaries
  • Research how other women broke those rules

3) Create your Heroine by giving her:

  • An insurmountable goal or roadblocks
  • Compelling motivation
  • Skills and/or help
  • Experience to help her deal with the BrazenBoxSetworld she’s about to
Read more »
21 Essential Books on Writing

No need to hide the fact, I love writing. And I love learning about my craft–so when I asked a number of my friends, who have between them like a gazillion books in print, their all-time favorite books on writing, I discovered some new faves and of course the ones I consider some of the best. So here it is, the 21 Essential Books on Writing in no particular order.

1. Making a Literary Life by Carolyn See. I have not read this one, but when I asked Liza Palmer her favorites, this title was out of her lips without … Read more »


Thanks for entering my Downton signing blog drawing. Wow, is that a mouthful–but it was also a prize box full of fun, courtsey of my fellow signees at Powell’s in Beaverton. Hope to see many of you at my upcoming signings, and I promise for you who are far afield, that I will continue to put together prize packets for you as well.

The winners are:

  • Karin
  • Manuelita
  • Lisa
  • Tami

I have sent each of them an email notifying them of their win.

Didn’t win but would still like a signed copy of Along Came a Duke? I signed … Read more »

Downton Contest!

I came back from Powells in Portand with two shopping bags of books and goodies to give away to all of you. All in all, I’ll be giving away four boxes of treasures, which will  include autographed books from the signing, a Powells mug, a Downton t-shirt and bookmarks and such so you can have a virtual signing experience!

To Enter: Post a comment below and let me know who is your favorite character on Downton Abbey. That’s it. I’ll be collecting entries on Twitter and Facebook, so if you drop by over there, you can add to your … Read more »

Honors and Awards

The end of the year can bring all kind of lists and awards and honors and this year is no exception. Along Came A Duke has been nominated by Romantic Times for Best Love Laughter Historical of 2012. I am thrilled that Preston and Tabby’s story was nominated as I personally found it great fun to write.

But wait, there’s more! Even more thrilling is to be included in King Country Library System’s list to Best Books for 2012. Here’s the real thrill: Along Came a Duke is the ONLY romance novel listed. Be still my beating heart. This … Read more »

$4.99 Digital Sale!

Have you heard? Thirteen of my digital backlist romance novels are on sale for $4.99! This gives you a chance to pick up an old favorite or fill in a series that you haven’t finished yet.

Hurry and download yours soon in your favorite format:

One Night of Passion
Stealing the Bride
Once Tempted
It Takes a Hero
His Mistress by Morning
Tempted by the Night
Something About Emmaline
This Rake of Mine
Love Letters from a Duke
Confessions of a Little Black Gown
Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress
Lord Langley is Back in Town
No Marriage of Convenience
Read more »

Autographed Books

Just a quick note to let those of you who live in far flung (and probably some not-so-far-flung) that I never seem to visit, the bookstore, Turn the Page, where I will be signing this Friday is also having a virtual signing–which means, if you order one of my books from them, I’ll sign it and they will then send it on to you. A wonderful idea for a gift for Mother’s Day perhaps, or just getting a copy for yourself.

And there are plenty of authors to chose from, including Nora Roberts/JD Robb, Robyn Carr, Cathy Maxwell, Amanda Brice, … Read more »

Five Things about Miranda Neville

I envy Miranda Neville. She grew up in England and lives in Vermont. I always think of both places as deeply romantic and very cool to be from. And it turns out, she’s a nice person as well and great writer. May I introduce you to, Miranda Neville:

1. Did you have a nickname growing up? Yes, but there’s no way I’m going to tell anyone what it is.

2. If you could choose any 3 people in history to meet, who would they be?

  • Shakespeare, because I think he must have been a very entertaining and amusing man as
Read more »
A Short Story about A Short Story

Several years ago I was asked to be part of a Regency anthology — could I write a story that was under 10,000 words? Sure, I said, without thinking much about it. 10,000 words, eh? That would be simple.

Thus said the woman who always writes long.

Writing a full love story, in 10,000 words or less, is not easy. In fact, it is a true challenge to an author used to having the roomy wide open spaces of 90,000+ words to introduce characters, establish conflict, introduce a plot that will entice readers to follow the hero and heroine along … Read more »


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