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Archive for the 'Uncategorized' Category

News: Elizabeth’s Blog Tour

Hi everyone! This is Dana, Elizabeth’s assistant.

We have some great news!

Elizabeth is going to do a comprehensive blog tour throughout the month of November, and there will be all sorts of contests, fun posts, and giveaways. So take a look below to find her tour schedule, and don’t forget to drop by and say hello… You never know what fun is in store for you!


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Fall Back in Time Giveaway

Have you heard about the #FallBackinTime Event that is happening NOW? To celebrate the clocks being turned back this weekend, historical romance authors and readers are sharing their love of “Falling Back in Time” with their favorite romance novels and showing their pride with selfies. You’ll find them right now on Twitter


, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Since I know I have some wild and fun readers out there who LOVE historical romance, I am giving away an iPad mini to one lucky reader who posts their #FallBackinTime selfie with one of my books.

Quick Rules:… Read more »

Have You Met, Avon Addict Lisa Lin?

Lisa is everything an Avon Addict needs to be: crazy wild over romance. Plus, she’s willing to get out there and really prove her love, as evidenced by her grand display at the 2013 RWA Literacy signing. She’s a bundle of wonderful energy and one of my favorite people to run into because her smile is LisaLininfectious. And in a good way, not a scary, run-for-your-life Ebola sort of way.

So without any further ado, may I introduce you to Lisa Lin.

1) Where is the most beautiful/romantic place you’ve ever been? Spain. I took part in a study … Read more »

TBT: It Takes a Hero

Continuing my look back at my earlier books, this week I pulled from the shelf, It Takes a Hero, the 4th book in the Danvers series, which featured Raphael Danvers, the half English, half Spanish, prickly and temperamental twin of Orlando Danvers. Rafe had neither a title or wealth, but came with a quick mind and daring heart with which to make his way in the world.

I always had a bit of crush on that dark-haired devil. Okay, still do.

Writing Raphael Danvers’ story was inevitable. Apart from Jemmy Finch and Orlando Danvers, Rafe was the number one … Read more »

A Week of Giveaways!

While I will be posting winners over on my Facebook page, I thought I would have an easy spot for people to check and see if they won right here.


Monday Facebook Drawing:
Winner: Rita Gerstheimer
Prize: Print copies of my Brazen books, Brazen Angel, Brazen Heiress, Brazen Temptress.

Tuesday Facebook Drawing:
Prize: Box of books and goodies.

Wednesday Facebook Drawing:
Prize: Box of books and goodies.

Thursday Facebook Drawing:
Prize: An iPad mini!

Thursday Newsletter Drawing:
Prize: An iPad mini!

Friday Facebook Drawing:
Prize: Box of goodies and books!… Read more »

The 12 Days of Wishes

So here it begins–The 12 Days of Wishes giveaways in celebration of my new Rhymes with Love book, If Wishes Were Earls. No matter if you are on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, prefer to read blogs, or just want to enter directly, everyone will have a chance to enter something between now and January 4, 2014.

Make sure to bookmark this page so you can check back daily to see where you need to go to enter to win for the daily prizes, and don’t forget to enter the GRAND SWEEPSTAKES daily. IF WISHES WERE EARLS

12 Days of Wishes Schedule:
December 23rdRead more »

A Free Stocking Stuffer

Just in time for the holiday and to celebrate the upcoming release of my new Rhymes with Love book, If Wishes Were Earls, I am making my short e-story, Cynders & Ashe FREE! This is my thank you to all of you who have supported me over the years, the dear readers who write such lovely reviews on Amazon and ECover-Cynders&AsheGoodreads, and to all of you who just love a great romance!

Besides, Cynders & Ashe is perfect for the holidays with its wonderful costume balls and hot romance.

Download your free copy now:

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Save the Date: December 31st

Here is the Save the Date card that tells the story of Harriet and Roxley’s wild romance:



Feel free to lift them and Pin them or Share them on Facebook or Twitter! Spread the news!… Read more »

5 Things About Kay Thomas (+3 More!)

When Kay Thomas and I discovered we had the same release dates coming up for our new stories (hers: Hard Target, mine: Have You Any Rogues) we sat down and interviewed each other and shared our thoughts about writing and life. Ok, Kay came up with all the questions, but I did all the hard work. Teehee.

EB: What’s the one thing you wish you had known before you started writing?

KT:The more you write, the more addictive it becomes. If I had know this beforehand I might have taken up, oh, I don’t know—marathon walking or … Read more »

5 Things About Elizabeth

Avon Author Kay Thomas pinned me down and asked me to answer a few questions about writing for her. I, in turn, am forcing her to do the same. Here are my answers, and hers will run on Monday.

KT: What’s the one thing you wish you had known before you started writing?

EB: To let go of comparisons to other writers. As an author you need to learn to be confident in your own stories and tell them from the heart. If you start comparing your stories to others, you are missing the most important point: that other person … Read more »


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