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Archive for the 'Uncategorized' Category

Blog Interrupted . . .

Just to warn you . . . the blog may be down intermittently today. The site is going up this week and the blog is the last part of the puzzle. Stay tuned . . . the blog will be back and the new site is almost here.… Read more »

Chasing Rainbows

Chasing Rainbows

Last post conference post I’ll make. Promise. But here is something to consider. After conference and you’ve got that request to see a partial or a full, do yourself a favor–go through those pages with a fine tooth comb before you send them in. I know how exciting it is to get requests and you don’t want to waste a second getting them in front of that editor–but I also know the other side of that elation–the remorse of having sent in pages that were rushed in for the sake of just getting them in.

What is the point of … Read more »

I Was Wrong

This business is not about the writing. It’s all about the shoes:

Read more »

Next Question: How Are You Going to Change Them?

When you start a book there are two things that are going to happen. You have a story to tell and two people to live with for the next 6-9 months. Two people that you have to like, then you have to turn their lives upside down, torture them a bit and then finally give them the pay off of the happily ever after–but only after they’ve changed.

Yes, changed. Now anyone who’s tried to nudge a man toward leaving the toilet seat down at night can relate to this. It just ain’t easy. No one likes to change. None … Read more »

The New Website

It was time for a big update at  ElizabethBoyle.com.  My site had been up and running for nearly 6 years without very much tinkering and like my office at home (which I am also redoing–pictures coming next week!) it was time for more than just paint and new curtains.  It was time for an entirely new approach. 

So I decided to make my entire website revolve around a blog.  This blog.

A friend emailed me this week and asked a good question.  “Why a blog?  Are you crazy?”  She went on to remind me of the one the thing … Read more »


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