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Archive for the 'Uncategorized' Category

Seattle 0, Mother Nature 2

So for the second December in a row, Seattle got slammed with a storm that reminded all of us out here that while we might not get snow, or tornadoes, or hurricanes, Mother Nature doesn’t leave us out. Here are some photos from my poor neighborhood, which is slide prone to begin with–heck, we just got the main road in and out of our neighborhood opened a month ago after it had been closed for nearly two years, after a slide in 2005 closed it for nearly a year, and then last year, a week after it reopened, the wind … Read more »

Feed the World, One Word at a Time

On the news Sunday night was a clip about all the Thanksgiving shopping, and they were say that while the Friday after Thanksgiving is “Black Friday, ” the following Monday, this past Monday, is known as “Online Monday,” one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. They went on to explain that while this is a great boon to online retailers, the companies that all these online shoppers work for loose half a billion dollars in productivity. Yes, half a billion dollars is lost on Online Monday because everyone is busy hitting Amazon.com, Overstock.com, BlueNile.com (hint, hint, honey, … Read more »

Three Things I Am Thankful For

This week always makes me ask myself what am I thankful for–which is probably something we should all be doing every day, but this is the week for blessings and here are mine:

1) My family. All of them. My husband and kids. My mom and dad. My brother and his family. My husband’s family–he’s got all these wonderful siblings and lots of nieces and nephews and they are all really great people. I am thankful I knew all my grandparents, even my great-grandmother, and will carry with me the stories and lessons they shared with me. To me, family … Read more »

Twenty Questions

As I was coming out of Central Park last Sunday I walked past someone famous and did a double-take. As did my sister-in-law, Cathy. And we both said at once, “Was that_________?” Of course, Nick had no clue who it was–being only 8. And it turns out it was who we thought it was. So who did we see? You have twenty questions, but please only ask one at a time to give everyone a chance to play.… Read more »

I love NYC

Let me just get that up front and center. I LOVE NYC. I always have. I find it enormously fascinating, always interesting, and surprising on every corner. So when I got the chance to speak at the New Jersey Romance Writers Put Your Heart in a Book Conference, I was thrilled–because I knew it meant I could go you-know-where.

Now my husband doesn’t get nor understand my love affair with NYC, so I took my son, Nicholas with me. He’s been pestering me to take him to New York since he was four. Yes, four. I promised him way back … Read more »

Another New Site

So if you are reading this from the new HarperCollins microsites, then you are a complete hipster and don’t need me to tell you what’s cool and hot. But if you found this the usual way, through my blog, then you’ve got to hop over and take a look at the Elizabeth Boyle microsite. Cool huh? I spent way too much time peaking into my fellow authors likes, favorite books, upcoming books and news bits. Believe me–this could get really addictive–in a fun, non caloric way.

So hopefully after you’ve spent most of the morning not working effectively using your … Read more »

Thank you, Debbie Macomber!

Or maybe the title of this blog should be: The power of index cards. Or “hey, it works.”

A couple of years ago, Debbie Macomber spoke at the RWA Conference in Reno. She was inspiring (as always) and she challenged every one in the room to “dream big,” as she likes to say. She wanted all of us to write down our goals. The things we wanted to achieve in the next few years. The point being, that if we wrote them down, they would have a better chance of coming true.

To that end, she had put index cards … Read more »

Need a little help . . . Will write for an English Tudor . . . God Bless

Yes, that was me at the end of your local expressway off ramp this morning with the above hand lettered sign. Gathering spare change for the house of my dreams. Because one of my most favorite houses in Detroit is for sale. Here is what the real estate listing says:

The Oscar Webber Mansion. (Really, they had me at “mansion.”) Former Junior League Show House. ( I could do Junior League. Sure I could. Can I wear sweats?) Truly one of a kind, perhaps the most renown home of Grosse Pointe. (Grosse Point? Maybe John Cusack would come back to

Read more »
The Boyle Ultimatum

Okay, I freely admit that I love action films. Die Hard. The Terminator. Bond anything. Indiana Jones. And the Bourne flicks. Give me a good action film, and I’m right there, popcorn mixed with Raisinets in hand, happy as a clam as I clutch at my husband when I get scared and peer through my fingers when it gets really tense. But what gets my theater ticket in a knot is when an action flick implies a romance but never follows through. Boo. Hiss.

Note to self: Never date an action film director. Obviously these are the sort of guys … Read more »

You might have noticed . . .

things have changed around here. Welcome to my new website! However since this is sort of the testing period for the site–the powers-that-be, aka the webmistress who rules–has asked that I keep these new digs secret! Well, as much as you can keep a secret on the Internet.

Believe me, I’m having a hard time not shouting the news from the rooftops in my excitement over the new look. But since you’ve found the new site, please take all the time you want to look over the new features, including this blog, the 411 in Connected Books, the very … Read more »


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