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Archive for the 'Uncategorized' Category

4 Days

I’ve got four days before I leave for Celebrate Romance and there is only one thing I need to get done. A whole lot of writing. For the last two weeks I’ve been tied down with Mom duties, a conference, and something the school district dubbed “Mid-Winter Break.” I am still trying to determine who gets (or wants) a break in mid-winter, ’cause it sure as heck wasn’t me.

This frantic obession with the next four days began two weeks ago, when the DH, littlest hero and then I, all fell sick. I didn’t fall too badly, having snarfed down … Read more »

Giving Thanks

A thank you to all of you who support my work, write me, read this blog, comment, read and don’t comment. I hope today is blessed, full of love, and an extra slice of pie.

Read more »

Speaking of Deadlines

The big one is coming. Yes, that one. Getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table by Thursday. Before midnight, hopefully. I say this because the DH has decided he will cook Thanksgiving. It all began when I started talking about all the work that goes into cooking Thanksgiving, and he scoffed saying how easy a turkey dinner is to make. So I shot him the skank eye and made a big “harrumph.” To which he said, “Well, then I’ll cook Thanksgiving.”

Now that would be cause for celebration if it meant he will actually be cooking Thanksgiving, because here is how … Read more »

And the Winners Are . . .

Since this morning is the one where we wake up and find out who won, I thought I would also announce the winners of my October contest:

Annette P. of Ludlow MA
Leslie D. of Elk Grove Village IL
Lori M. of Fort Campbell KY
Jason N. of Elko MN
Lisa M. of Bel Air MD

Congratulations and watch your mailboxes for your winnings! And even if you didn’t win (or your candidate didn’t win) there is still this month’s contest.  You don’t even have to wait 4 years.… Read more »

Full-Sized Halloween Insurance

When we moved into our house 14 years ago, the neighbor came over just before Halloween and broke it to us gently that most likely our house would be covered in TP during the night.  The neighborhood kids liked to “welcome” the newcomers with a little extra Halloween decorating.  I told her not to worry about us, I had a Halloween Insurance policy that would see us safely through the night, and she looked at me like I was nuts.

But what she didn’t know is that I went to the Rhody Burrows School of Halloween.  Rhody, bless his heart, … Read more »

Bringing Home the Elephant

I have for years loved entering contests.  And mostly because I tend to get lucky.  Oh, I don’t win everything I enter, but I think I have a pretty good rate at scoring some great prizes.  My best friend Kit will not enter a contest with me because she says that guarantees I’ll win.  Okay, so I won the wardrobe from the Bon, the TV set and the airline tickets  but to my defense, she had just as much chance of winning as I did.

Last year, we went to a Paula Bejoun lecture.  Paula is the Cosmetic Cop and … Read more »

And the winner is . . .

Crystal A, who posted a comment on August 11th.  And thank you very much to the 172 of you who posted comments and kept my blog hopping for the past month.  I’ve enjoyed all the chatter, kind remarks and made some great new friends.  Thanks to one and all.

Elizabeth… Read more »


Not that I would ever, ahem, talk trash about Rita Finalists, I am not above sharing some:

[coolplayer width=”480″ height=”380″ autoplay=”0″ loop=”0″ charset=”utf-8″ download=”1″ mediatype=””]
Rita Finalists

Hilarious, eh?… Read more »

Italy Anyone?

My books often get published in other languages, and I have to admit that I love it when my books get published in Italian. The covers are fun, the readers from Italy have to be some of the nicest folks and if they write me in Italian, I actually have neighbors from Italy who are more than happy to translate for me. So it was great fun to get contacted by Elisa Rolle, who has an Italian blog for romance readers, Rosa is for Romance.

She interviews romance writers and translates it all into Italian and her interviews are … Read more »

Seeing Pirates

When I came home the other day and told my husband I’d seen a pirate ship parked alongside the road, he suggested that perhaps I was enjoying writing Dash’s story a little too much. You know, spending all day writing about a pirate, then seeing them everywhere. He also said something about being in need of a life, but I ignored that part.

Now anywhere else in the world, I would have probably said the same thing. But I live in Seattle. Have my entire life, and if you are from Seattle, you know that as summer approaches the pirates … Read more »


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