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Archive for the 'Good News' Category

We Interrupt This Blog

Yes, yes, I’ve been a wee bit slow in posting. Only because I am trying to get my book done and it is consuming all my time. All My Time. But I had a quick few minutes between shuffling kids to school, so I thought I would remind folks that I have several Events coming up in the next few weeks.

I’ll be in Surrey, British Columbia, up in Canada in two weeks and then at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference (Bellevue, Washington) the last weekend of the month. Both conferences have booksignings that are open to the public and … Read more »

Shout Out

I am going to make this announcement short and sweet, because I am in the home stretch of finishing up Along Came a Duke and don’t want to dally around the issue. So here it is:

Last week’s blog winner is: PhyllisC, commenter #29, who also tweeted as MamaCrab01.

(NOTE: There seems to be some confusion about this blog–this is not a contest, just the announcement of last week’s winner, which was Phyllis, who has already contacted me and will get this box of books. There is no current blog contest.)

Thanks everyone for playing along and when I get … Read more »

New Contest

This is a quick, Happy Labor Day, hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend of fabulous weather post. But if you are inside–what?–and on your computer (get yourself outside, summer isn’t going to be around much longer) but before you go do as I bid (right now I feel so powerful), why not hang around for just another minute and enter my new faboo contest.

Someone is going to win a Nook. Not just any Nook. A Nook color. Too cool. And it will arrive just before Christmas.

So hop over to my Contest page. Enter and then enjoy this … Read more »

Q & A

As I wrote last Saturday, I made a plea to my fans over on Facebook that the well had gone dry on what to talk about over here on my blog, and they in turn offered up a bucket load of questions. Here is what I have plucked out today from this treasure quest of “I want to knows.”

Today’s questions are courtesy of: Erica Lynn Thrasher and Janelle Wilbanks.

Erica asked:

Do you find that you have time for social life when a deadline is approaching?

A social life? What exactly is that? To be honest, I’ve taken … Read more »

Shout Out Monday

Recently, a clerk in the store was truly helpful and just wonderfully nice–this doesn’t always happen when you shop and have a child with autism, so I made a point of finding the manager and telling them what a fine job the clerk had done. To which the manager said:

Really? I never hear anything nice–I thought you were here to complain.

That sort of set me back. No kidding? No one ever takes the time to say something nice, but they will go out of their way to complain. Her confession really bothered me.

When I mentioned this to … Read more »


For all of you who were worried about the quality of my house elves, worry no more. The little imps produced my lost shoe! I was about to order another pair from Zappos when the missing foot dropped. So to say.

Hurrah! Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.… Read more »

House Elves, Good & Evil

I’ve been thinking a lot about house elves of late. Mostly because my new shoes, the ones that were so much trouble to find and order and that I love so much keep disappearing. I can find one shoe, but not the other. And then the next day, the other one magically appears so I can wear them both, until the next day, when this is what I will find:

One shoe. Go figure. The other has once again wandered off. I suspect evil House Elves.

On another the front, the good House Elves have been laboring over my website … Read more »

One Busy Week

Bracing myself for the week ahead. Three events, four if you count that this morning, Lord Langley goes on sale! Huzzah! Hurray! Yee-hah! I think that covers it.

Since I am usually a stay at home mom who has been known to drive through carpool pick up wearing her slippers, being trussed up, er, dressed up for three events (one of them in front of a live stream internet audience) is rather daunting. But I will survive if only because A) I get to meet so many of you, and 2) I’m hanging with my good peeps, Julia QuinnRead more »

Lord Langley Winner

We have a winner for the early finished copy of Lord Langley is Back in Town. And without too much further ado, (But I do love a good ado when it drags out the suspense that much more) the winner is: ChrisS, whose comment on May 23 at 11:22am started as follows:

I definitley prefer a flawed Hero.

There you have it, ChrisS, you are my winner. You’ll find my email at the top of my Contact page. Please send me your full name and address before noon PT tomorrow (May 26th) so I can overnight your copy of … Read more »

Twinkle, Twinkle, I'm on Twitter

I’ve been twittered. Or at least I’ve dipped my toe in and have given it a try. I feel so . . . connected and a little baffled and a lot overwhelmed by the feeds. Who to follow? What are the rules? What are the social niceties that one must follow so that one does not upset or insult anyone? Which being me, won’t be all that hard NOT to do.

I blame Liza Palmer (@LizaPalmer) and Megan Crane (@megancrane) (who also writes as Caitlin Crews) entirely for this situation. When I was down in LA for the Romantic Times … Read more »


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