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Archive for the 'Friends' Category

Is that a . . . ?!

During the holidays I received a card from a friend. For some reason, the card hung around my desk and I couldn’t bring myself to toss it. For some reason I kept thinking about her and finally, faced with cleaning the desk (which meant tossing the card) and doing something else (like clean my desk), I grabbed a note card and wrote her a quick letter. I just jotted down a few things . . . Thinking of you . . . hoping all is well in your new home . . . will we catch up in SF? Sure … Read more »

Two more reasons to love Debbie . . . Okay, three . . .

I went to the PO yesterday and found this waiting for me. A wonderful little congratulations package from my favorite mentor and author, Debbie Macomber. Believe me, finding chocolate beside your VISA bill really takes the edge off of “OMG, did I really spend that much?!”

But this is just Debbie in a nutshell–or rather in a cardboard box with some pretty paper and ribbons–there to encourage, there to challenge and there to celebrate. She also put a little bit about me in her blog. She is the best sort of people! And it was especially wonderful yesterday because … Read more »

Beginnings . . .

When I sat down to write this first post for my new blog, I realized beginning a blog is much like beginning a book.  You sort of sit there and try to think of something brilliant to open with, something to dazzle the reader, then you realize that probably won’t happen right out of the chute.  So you start writing anyway.  That’s when you know you are a writer.  When you grant yourself the hall pass to write something less than brilliant and just get on with the story.  Because if you sat and waited for inspiration, that “Aha!” moment, … Read more »


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