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Archive for the 'The Bachelor Chronicles' Category

Read Carefully

. . . Because I would not want you to miss a single one of the announcements I’m going to make. I’m getting so excited for Confessions of a Little Black Gown and Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress to come out, that I just have to tell you all the news about the upcoming things you are going to find here on the blog and on the rest of the website in the coming weeks. Plus, I’ve lined up a a great guest blogger for next week, who is not only really cool, but she also brings great swag, … Read more »

Sneak Peek: Confessions of a Little Black Gown

Here it is, the first peek inside Confessions of a Little Black Gown. I thought with the holidays being over and all of us having to get back to work, I’d extend the season just one more day and give everyone a little treat. Hope you enjoy it!

I’ll set the stage by saying this is a fun scene from Chapter 4. Our hero, Lord Larken is posing as the Duke of Hollindrake’s cousin, Mr. Ryder, in hopes of finding Captain Dashwell who has mysteriously escaped prison. Gee, I wonder who helped Dash escape??? Our heroine, Tally Langley suspects  … Read more »

Two Winners. Is it You?

I’m announcing the first of my five winners in my current contest.  And the winners are:

  • Betsy B. of Taylorsville, NC
  • Kari C. of Northfield, MN

Congratulations! And watch for your autographed hardback edition of Love Letters from a Duke in your mailbox.
Make sure you read all the details and then enter, because there are still three prizes left to win.

Have you seen the new feature in comments where you can share this blog on Facebook and alike? Just go to comments, click on your fav social networking icon and you can share this contest and blog … Read more »

Take a Peek

I’ve been sitting on these covers for a few weeks, dying to show them off.  I got the cover of Confessions of a Little Black Gown first (Tally’s story – March 31st)  and couldn’t believe how gorgeous it turned out:

When I asked them for this title (yes, this is my title) there was concern about a black gown looking too much like a “funeral”, but I don’t think anyone will be thinking about her graveside manner–am I right?    The stepback inside is breathtaking, but you’ll just have to wait for that.  I am such a tease.

But not so … Read more »

An Awarding Week

Last week was sort of a surprise.  I received two awards in one week.  It’s not every week that you snag even a single award, but two in one week?  Well, that is cause to celebrate.  We went out to Canlis and had a wonderful meal on Friday night.  Well, the Canlis thing was for his job and had been in the works for weeks, so my awards had nothing to do with it, but really when you are in Seattle’s finest restaurant with a roomful of engineers, it is much nicer to imagine that the entire affair is to … Read more »

My Conference Excess is Your Gain

(Please note that this contest ended on August 25th.  But please visit my contest page to win other fun prizes!)

When you go to the RWA conference there is a ton of free stuff to pick up. Everywhere. Books, bookmarks, pens, pencils, publisher’s tchotchkes, and more books. This year I exercised due restraint, mostly because I knew the DH would be around when I was packing up and I’d have to hear the complaints of “why are you bringing that stuff home?” Okay, he’d probably call it all junk, but he’s a man and just doesn’t get it.

But quite … Read more »

Where's the lid?

When I blogged about the Dedication in Love Letters from a Duke, I ended up meeting Joey, who also has a son with autism. We’ve exchanged emails and some of you even pitched in and helped Joey with her Autism Walk fund drive. Joey recently emailed me and asked for some way to say thanks to all of you who pitched in and I asked her to join me here in my blog and write about her experiences so every one of you would know how much your donations, prayers and good thoughts helped her and so many other … Read more »

Girls' Night Out

Whenever anyone invites me over across the Sound for a Peninsula RWA Chapter function, if I can make it work to go, I go. Because the first thing I have to do is take a ferry ride. I love ferry boats–always have. There is just something so magical about driving onto a boat and sailing across Puget Sound.

Oh, I could drive around, but why? It takes the same length of time, but I spend half of it sitting in my car, with a perfectly good view of the water and can just sit back and leave the driving to … Read more »

Readers are the best people

. . . bar none! And this readers’ group, from the Borders in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho are no exception! I just love these ladies–they’ve been kind and generous since my first book, and any chance I get, I go over to visit them. This was my third trip!

We all went out to dinner and got caught up on our favorite TV shows (House, Heroes, compared guilty pleasure reality shows) and got caught up–made a firm date to meet up again at the Rose City Readers’ Luncheon in April, then got down to the business at hand: romance novels. (This … Read more »

Behind the Dedication

The one from Love Letters of a Duke is completely and utterly from my heart. And my daily life. Let me share it with you if you don’t have a copy handy (which, hint, hint, you should!):

To the families who live with autism.
May your day be blessed with the kindness of strangers,
the love of friends and families, and most of all, a cure.

And to FEAT of Washington and Autism Speaks,
my unwavering gratitude to you for your dedication and spirit of hope.
You help us believe.


And last, but far from least,
to Jamilla Kounellas Read more »


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