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Archive for the 'Around the Web' Category

Read Carefully

. . . Because I would not want you to miss a single one of the announcements I’m going to make. I’m getting so excited for Confessions of a Little Black Gown and Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress to come out, that I just have to tell you all the news about the upcoming things you are going to find here on the blog and on the rest of the website in the coming weeks. Plus, I’ve lined up a a great guest blogger for next week, who is not only really cool, but she also brings great swag, … Read more »

Well, I "Heart" You 2

Last week, Sarita Leone of From the Heart blog surprised me by giving me (well, my blog that is) an award. It’s nice to know that not only does someone read my blog, but likes it enough to make such a nice offer of recognition.  I am honored and just plain thrilled.  Oh, let’s cut to the chase–I love winning anything as my post Bringing Home the Elephant will attest. I’ll have you know I blew dry my hair this morning in honor of publicly accepting it. It’s not every day I blow dry my hair. I went out for … Read more »

Reforming Rakes, Redeeming Rogues

In the last year I’ve had the privilege to meet Maya Rodale. Though we’ve only met online, she strikes me as a kindred spirit, and I happened to love her first book,  The Heir And The Spare.  Like anyone else who read this engaging story, I’ve been eagerly awaiting her follow-up. But rather than have me blather on like an impatient fan, I’ll let Maya introduce you to her new book. Please join me in welcoming Maya Rodale!

MR: Hello Everyone! I’m thrilled to be blogging here today in honor of my new book, The Rogue And The Read more »

Speed Dating, Scotsmen, Let's Talk Live

So I had an interesting evening the other night. I went to the third annual (at least I think this is the third year) of the Librarian Meet & Greet which is in conjunction with the Emerald City Writer’s Conference. Don’t ask me how the conference was, as I didn’t go this year. But I did make it to the Librarian gathering as it is too much fun:  essentially our hostess with the mostess, Deborah Schneider of the King County Library System–seen here, and the esteemed Mary Buckham gather together librarians from western Washington, get them all in a … Read more »

Meet Laura Lee Guhrke

So Laura (or LLG as she is to be known) is up to her eyeballs in a deadline, but I wanted to do an interview with her since she has a great new book out, Secret Desires of a Gentleman.  So instead of bugging her and risking a scud attack from Boise, I decided to just mine our emails that we send back and forth for dirt on the esteemed and talented Ms. LLG. And besides, I thought you might want to know what authors really talk about when no one else is reading . . . Here it … Read more »

Is it Tuesday, Already?

Okay, I’m a little out of it.  The quick trip to Portland, combined with coming down with a fierce head cold Friday night after the signing and not sleeping at all (is there anything worse than having a great hotel room and not being able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep because your head feels like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon?) has all made me feel like I’m running late for a bus.  Or rather late for my usual Monday morning blog.

So forgive me for the Tuesday afternoon edition.  I have to kick this cold before I fly to … Read more »

Meet Michael Spradlin, YA Wonder

As a mom of boys, I deplore the lack of good fiction written for boys.  My son loves to read, but the bulk of fiction out there is aimed square at girls and like most boys he has his own ideas about what makes a good book.  So when I found out my good friend, Michael Spradlin was writing a book about a young Templar knight, I was thrilled.  So I asked Michael to drop by and tell all of you about his new book/series, The Youngest Templar.

1) Michael, how exciting to see The Youngest Templar, the Read more »

An Awarding Week

Last week was sort of a surprise.  I received two awards in one week.  It’s not every week that you snag even a single award, but two in one week?  Well, that is cause to celebrate.  We went out to Canlis and had a wonderful meal on Friday night.  Well, the Canlis thing was for his job and had been in the works for weeks, so my awards had nothing to do with it, but really when you are in Seattle’s finest restaurant with a roomful of engineers, it is much nicer to imagine that the entire affair is to … Read more »

Meet Delilah Marvelle – The New "Mistress of Pleasure"

So this week brings the arrival of a debut author, Delilah Marvelle and her wonderful new book, Mistress of Pleasure. I asked Delilah to drop by and meet all of you, so without any further ado:

1) Delilah, how exciting to see your first book Mistress of Pleasure coming out! Congratulations! What was the spark that ignited this story? In other words what came to you first?

Thank you so much for the congrats, Elizabeth, and for having me on your blog! I’m definately thrilled to see my first book in print.

Ah, yes. The spark that ignited this … Read more »

Six Questions

Maya Rodale asked me her infamous “Six Questions I Always Ask.” See how I fared on her blog.

BTW, what would be your six questions? Read more »


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