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Archive for the 'Around the Web' Category

Meet Emma Wildes

EB: Emma, I was thrilled to get to read Lessons from a Scarlet Lady early, so please tell everyone about the book so I can gush some more:

EW: Well, first of all…the main characters are married. I know, I know, usually the romance comes first with the wedding as the end result, but Colton and Brianna have made a fashionable, aristocratic match. Our independent duchess, however, is head over heels in love and doesn’t want her handsome husband to fall into the dilettante habits of the beau monde. He could very well take a mistress, but she … Read more »

Blogging Around

I’ve been a bit sparse here of late because I’ve been swamped with the holidays and trying to finish the next book, Mad About the Duke. But with the new book on the shelves–yes, how could you have missed the new book???–How I Met My Countess, I’ve made a few trips outside my usual soapbox here and have visited a few other blogs and would love for you to stop by and leave comments there and hint . . . hint . . . there giveaways over there. Yes, prizes for commenting.

So you’ll want to stop … Read more »

Tagged: Honest Scrap

My good friend, Melissa McClone, asked me if I minded if she could tag me. She’s one of my long distant friends that I never see enough of, but when we do get to see each other, I find that it doesn’t matter how much time has passed, we are already caught up. Does that make sense?. So for Melissa, I will endeavor to be Honest and thank you for asking.

The rules are as follows: Thank the blogger who awarded you, and then list 10 honest things about yourself. Choose 7 other blogs to receive the award, and … Read more »

The New Series

Here is the problem:  I come up with an idea for a new series, propose it, Avon loves it, and I start writing. Of course, the last book in the previous series is well into production, somewhere off doing what books do once they leave the safety of the author’s nest. And then it comes out when I am already into something new, and you all discover some couple in that book, go gaga over them and hound me about writing their book. (Okay, I really don’t mind all that, but come on, I can only write so fast . … Read more »

Haven't Any Words to Spare

Down to the wire putting the finishing touches on a book, but I knew that a number of you (and thank you for your emails) were worried that I’d dropped out of sight again. So no worries, I am good. The fatigue is getting less and less, and I am working every hour I can function (without getting overly tired–that is for my Mom and Dad, just in case they are reading–or my Aunt Sue or my Aunt Dar, either of whom would rat me out in a NY minute) to get this book tidied up and ready to make … Read more »

On The Radio…Drop by and Listen

I’ve had to cancel and reschedule so many things of late and one of them was the radio interview on Romance Radio with Avon. But I am happy to say that is has been rescheduled for tomorrow, Thursday, May 14 at 2:00 pm eastern. I’ll be chatting about Confessions and Memoirs, as well as talking about what I am working on next. If you can, call in and ask questions or just give it a listen. You never know what I might say!

But just in case you can’t call in, what questions would you like answered?… Read more »

The Slow Return

Wow! One, I can’t believe all the nice things you’ve all said, your kind thoughts, the prayers, because I’ve felt the love, most certainly. Nice to know there are so many people out there who care, especially for someone you’ve never met. So thank you. I wish I could say I am popping back up and right back at full speed, but I am having a heck of a time getting over this bug. And now the little one has it, so here I go again.

I’ve had to yield my spot on the couch, and put on my Nurse … Read more »

Round 2: Events v. Deadline

I’ve got way too much going on right now. A deadline in two weeks. Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress coming out next week. Everyone still excited and writing about Confessions of a Little Black Gown. And, if all that isn’t enough, another round of events. Just call me the girl who can’t say no.

So in case you need to plug a few things into your social calendar, so you can get on this crazy merry go round as well, here is the Cliff Note version of what is coming up:

  • Two Internet radio interviews
  • Two booksignings
Read more »
Samantha James's List of Favorite Romantic Movies

Samantha James is back today to talk about her all time favorite romantic movies. Pop some corn, settle in and let the debate begin, because here is Samantha’s list:

Elizabeth tells me a lot of her readers here are movie buffs. Well, I am, too. Good movies are like good books; you come back to them again and again because they strike a chord every single time. With that in mind, we thought it would be fun if I shared some of my favorite romantic movies. First off, though, let’s get one out of the way. I won’t list Pride … Read more »

Meet My Friend . . . Samantha James

 As promised, I would like to introduce you to my friend, Samantha James.  She was kind enough to let me bug her with questions about her writing and her new book, Bride of a Wicked Scotsman, and then I even roped her into blogging on Thursday as well. That’s what kind of friend she is! So without further ado, here is Samantha James:

EB:  What do you think the lure of the plaid is? How come Scotsmen make such great heroes?

SJ:  The accent. Hands down, it’s the accent. When I think of Scotsmen, several things pop into … Read more »


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