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Archive for the 'Adventures & Travel' Category

Around the World

I’ve been spotted again. First I was in Italy with Julia Quinn. (And my heartfelt thanks to Julia for finding me over there. But next time, Julia, how about bringing me along? I’m just saying . . . ) And now it appears I am on the road again. And not with Julia, who I believe is in the Galapagos Islands this week. Julia, if you are out there and find one of my books translated into giant tortoise or penguin, let me know.

Geri Krotow in Red Square

But off to my new adventure. Just as a girl has a chance to get … Read more »

Sunshine and Whales, Oh My!

Last week we slipped down to Seaside, Or for a little summer vacation. No great trips this summer (not that we take those usually, but one can dream!) but for me going down to Seaside is heaven. I really love the place. We stay at Gearhart which is a couple miles north of Seaside and I spent most of the time dreaming of owning a house there. Does anyone have a spare $1.7 million they’d like to donate to my vacation jar? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the place any less. Walking to Pop’s … Read more »

Wherever you go, there I am

I got a picture from Julia Quinn recently. She’d been in Italy last summer and while standing at a corner newstand in Rome spotted one of my books. She took this picture for me to show me where I was.  Now I know this could be anyone’s arm in any city, but believe me, this is Julia Quinn in Italy.

Julia and me in Italy. Well, my book in Italy.

You see, the picture came a stricture that I crop her face out, as she claimed she had “travel face,” and while I think she looked great–happy and touristy—she asked me to remove her face. So you will have to … Read more »

Being Female Viagra

Oh, that title ought to drive Google crazy. But there it is. I had to just get it right out there in the open and share, because my book, His Mistress by Morning, was recently featured in an article, Why Foreplay for Women is a Novel Concept, in the Irish Independent newspaper. I think the funny part of the article is how shocked the author was to find, sex, yes sex, in the book a 64 year old granny was reading. My book, to be exact.

I like the idea of my book in Ireland, the land … Read more »

Signed Books in Florida

Boy, I am behind. I’ve had this info sitting here for weeks, and finally got it typed into my Alphasmart. Here are the stores where, like the Easter Bunny, I popped in and signed books while I was in Florida. If you are headed to Orlando, consider this a good list of bookstores in the area, and if you want to go on the hunt and discover a signed copy of one of my books, call ahead to make sure they still have copies, or call and purchase one over the phone ask them to ship it to you. They … Read more »


Or as the rest of the world says, pneumonia. But for now, P-nome-e-ah is how it is pronounced in our house.  Because that is the way one of the kids pronounces it and because it has caused pandemonium in our lives.

Yes, after another bout of sickness, my third in three weeks, the doctor did a chest x-ray and discovered I have a rather nasty case of pneumonia. It’s rather like having a guest who won’t leave. The one who abandons wet towels on the hardwood floors and eats you out of house and home. And then leaves all their … Read more »

Mercury in Retrograde

Right after I left on my trip my last Wednesday an email arrived in my inbox from an astrology list I belong to that read: “This is a good time to be especially clear in your communications, agreements and travel plans. Mercury is Retrograde from May 7th through May 31st  and little mishaps can happen.” Of course, I didn’t take my laptop with me, so I didn’t get it until Sunday morning. But it explained a lot. Let me tell you what Mercury in Retrograde can do to your travels:

  • Read a great book for a quote, and have only
Read more »
The Slow Return

Wow! One, I can’t believe all the nice things you’ve all said, your kind thoughts, the prayers, because I’ve felt the love, most certainly. Nice to know there are so many people out there who care, especially for someone you’ve never met. So thank you. I wish I could say I am popping back up and right back at full speed, but I am having a heck of a time getting over this bug. And now the little one has it, so here I go again.

I’ve had to yield my spot on the couch, and put on my Nurse … Read more »

Autographed book, anyone?

To celebrate the release of Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress, I’ve got a huge stack of autographed bookplates to send your way (as if my wrist wasn’t sore enough) but I wanted to make sure as many of you got at least a bookplate, if you can’t get your hands on a signed book.

All you have to do is send me a self-addressed address envelope and I’ll fill it with as many bookplates as you would like, and then I’ll stick on the postage. Get it to me ASAP and you could give Mom, a special Aunt, … Read more »

Round 2: Events v. Deadline

I’ve got way too much going on right now. A deadline in two weeks. Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress coming out next week. Everyone still excited and writing about Confessions of a Little Black Gown. And, if all that isn’t enough, another round of events. Just call me the girl who can’t say no.

So in case you need to plug a few things into your social calendar, so you can get on this crazy merry go round as well, here is the Cliff Note version of what is coming up:

  • Two Internet radio interviews
  • Two booksignings
Read more »

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