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Archive for the 'Adventures & Travel' Category

My GLEE inspired RWA Conference Tips

Hey, I’m not going to Orlando for the Romance Writers of America conference next week. I hadn’t planned on going when it was in Nashville, and as I told my editor, I had no desire trade a swamped hotel in Nashville for a hotel in a swamp. But then again, after nearly twenty years of attending RWA National conferences (Gads, I must have started going when I was like, 12) I’ve come up with my Glee inspired Top 5 Tips to keep you from going mad in the rushed, harried craziness that is “National.”

1) Conference is not Sectionals, Regionals Read more »

What to Pack

I have a friend who when she goes away, has her suitcase packed a good two weeks ahead of time. That has always seemed a little too much fore-planning for me, but at the same time I admire her certainty. She knows exactly what she needs and what she is wearing and in it goes. There are two reasons why I can’t do this: I can never make up my mind what to take and I don’t own enough bras and panties to stash away a week’s worth in a suitcase. That’s probably TMI, but there it is.

But the … Read more »

Three Reasons to Love Portland

After a week in Portland and my second visit down there this year, can I just say, I love Portland? I’ve gone back and forth for years on my own, for booksignings, PLA, reader’s conferences and the wonderful luncheon the Rose City Romance chapter puts on each spring. This time I took the family. And once again, Portland stole my heart. While I’ve gone on in the past about the great food, the accessibility, let me share three more reasons to go there:

1) They don’t call it the Rose City for nothing. And last week the roses were in … Read more »

Taken Unawares

Every week I take my son Matthew to speech therapy and when we come home we drive through this neighborhood that runs alongside the freeway and take this little off-ramp out of nowhere up onto I-5. All spring, as I’ve driven up this ramp,  I’ve watched a plant growing atop one of the pylons that supports the freeway. Imagine my delight when the other week it went and did this:

Yeah! It bloomed. Isn’t that the most delightful thing you’ve ever seen. Flowers growing out of nothing but cement and whatever else is up there. It made me smile and … Read more »

Maya Rodale Drops By

My friend, Maya Rodale, drops by to talk about: Life in London

There’s nothing like living in a place to really know it intimately, and thus to write about it authentically. Since actually visiting Regency London is out of the question, the next best thing is living in London. I was lucky to get to do that. P1000811_2

Thanks to my graduate school program, I was able to spend 8 weeks in London on an independent research project. Topic: romance fiction, of course. As I was reading early 1800’s gothic romances and other novels, along with conduct guides and things like … Read more »

A Fabio-lus Romance Extravaganza

What a fun day! The wonderful folks at the King County Library system have this annual event and it is so much fun–readers from all over and always some fun surprises. This year was no exception. They had us in the main foyer of the Covington Library which is right next to the children’s section and Cherry Adair was the opening speaker trying to tell her camel sex story and at the same time keep in G-rated for the kiddos right next to us. I’ve never seen anyone come up with clean synonyms faster than Cherry did. She had the … Read more »

Books, Far and Wide

Periodically I get these non-descript packages from my editor and I always know what they are: Foreign Language editions. Oh, goody! What language is this going to be in and what will they do to the cover? I find the covers almost as interesting as the title translations.

Look at these wonderful renditions of This Rake of Mine:

I have to admit that when I opened the package yesterday with this Dutch version, I thought for a moment they’d inserted a vampire into the book. Just kidding!

Actually I love how each edition reflects a different aspect of the … Read more »

An Open Letter to An Anonymous Cat

Since I know there are very few cats who read blogs (most have far better things to do, like ignore you or sleep or weave through your legs when you are bringing in the groceries), it is my hope that all you cat owners will read this short note to your cats, and being the gossipy creatures that they are by nature, they will tell their friends, and eventually . . . well, it will get to the right cat. And yes, I am well aware that cats will embellish whatever I write when they pass it along. So here … Read more »

Refreshing the Well

Needless to say, this hasn’t been the easiest year for me, but I finally feel like I’ve found my feet again. (I am so Irish, that as I wrote that, I thought to myself, “oh, you’ve gone and cursed yourself now.”)

Curses aside, I ended up having to cancel a lot of things, including speaking at the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference and at Emerald City Writer’s Conference, both of which I hated having to say “I can’t”, but I just couldn’t. Between the lost time writing and now trying to catch up, speaking would have been impossible. When you see … Read more »

Happily Ever After

In the world of writing romance, those words are our stock in trade. Happily Ever After. This weekend, I got to see it in real life.

The DH and I ditched the kids with Jessica, and flew over to Walla Walla, Washington to go to a wedding. I haven’t been to a wedding in ages. I think it was my brother-in-law’s first wedding was the last one I went to. So yes, it’s been a while.

Let me first tell you that when the DH said we were going to Walla Walla, I was like Huh?! They are getting married … Read more »


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