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Archive for March, 2012

Five Things about Kate Noble

I have met Kate–like most of my writing friends–online. Via blogs and Twitter and Facebook, but the real test of an author is how you like their stories. Hers are great. So if you haven’t met her before, here are Five Things About Kate Noble.

1. Did you have a nickname growing up? I had several. Katie, being the simplest, and longest lasting. Goldilocks and Buckwheat perhaps the more interesting.

2. Do you celebrate when you finish a book and what you do? When the deadline is bearing down on me, and I can see the finish line in the … Read more »

Redefining a Classic

“It’s a Brazen cover.” You don’t know how many times in my career I have heard another writer describe their cover, or someone else’s as “a Brazen cover.” The look is now iconic, but in 1996, the cover for Brazen Angel was a brand new take on covers–the tousled sheets, the tangled couple, the sexy pose. John DeSalvo in all his glory.

Oh, those had all been done, but not put together as it was for Brazen Angel. When I was shown an early version of the cover, my jaw dropped. The eye popping color, naked John DeSalvo. Have … Read more »

Five Things About Sophia Nash

I want to be Sophia Nash when I grow up. Lovely, elegant and gracious. I try, but she seems to do these things effortlessly. So please welcome my friend, Sophia Nash.

1. Did you have a nickname growing up? Only later in life… First, “Fear” from colleagues at WTVJ, not because I exhibited it or inspired it:)–but because someone had a funny accent at the station and pronounced my name “Sofear”–and then it took on a life of it’s own! I also had a boss, the extraordinary Austin Kiplinger, who called me “Stretch!”

2. What is the very first romance Read more »

Philly Love

I have found a new favorite city. Philadelphia. For this self-confessed history geek, what is there not to love about a city that not only embraces its historical roots and significance but shows it off at every corner?

Love, love, love, Philadelphia!

I was there for the Public Library Association meeting (Check out the tweets via #PLA12 or #PLA2012–bless those librarians, they needed two hashtags to get it all in!) and had a blast.

The view from my hotel room of William Penn's backside.

Leaving Seattle at 0-Dark-30, (that is an official time–basically it is dark and no one in … Read more »

Five Things About Lorraine Heath

Lorraine Heath is one of those authors who’s books you curl up and devour, and adore. In real life, Lorraine is one of those gracious, treasured people that you want to have coffee with and just chat. She’s kind and lovely and generous. And therefore, she needs to be included in the gallery of authors that is Five Things.

1. Did you have a nickname growing up? Lainie.

2. What is the very first romance book that you read? Morning Glory by LaVyrle Spencer.

EB: Sidenote: I met LaVyrle Spencer years ago–what a lovely woman and what a great book.… Read more »

I Don't Make This Up

Some one asked me how I pick the winners for my blog contest and actually, I don’t. I use Random.org to pick the winner–that is, after I add up the number of blog comments and tweets. Then the Random Number Generator does the honors, and a number pops up. Then, voila, we have a winner.

This week’s winner is Alana, who left the first comment on the blog. There is always a moment when I enter all the information and hit the “generate” button that I feel like I am in my own personal Las Vegas.

Who is going to Read more »

Five Things about Sarah MacLean

Hello and welcome to Sarah MacLean! She’s one of these funny, bright, outrageous women that I love to meet and had to share with all of you. I think you will agree! So here are Five Things about Sarah MacLean:

1. Where is the most beautiful/romantic place you’ve ever been? There’s an island off the eastern edge of Puerto Rico called Vieques—it’s largely untouched because the US Navy used to use the rainforest on the island for bombing drills (which isn’t romantic, I know, but stick with me), so they’ve closed off 80% of the island to people, letting the … Read more »

Hero Worthy

My husband asked me last week what I liked best about having my Brazen books back out. And the answer was immediate and easy: Because it gives me the chance to tell the story how my first book came to be published. It actually gives me a chance to tell the world what a thoughtful, wonderful man I married.

If you’ve never heard me tell the story and you want a good reason to get a little weepy and romantic on a Monday, there you need to read My Favorite Hero. Then once you’ve read the story, come back … Read more »

Five Things About Katharine Ashe

I personally find Katharine Ashe a kick to hang out with. She’s funny, wicked and smart, as well as an unapologetic lover of the genre. Those all count highly in my book. So I would like you to take a moment and enjoy the wit of Katharine Ashe, or as we now call her around here:

1. Did you have a nickname growing up? I went by Katie. My father and one of my sisters called me Kate, which I loved because it was special to them. Also, in second grade when I volunteered to pass out the juice for … Read more »


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