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Archive for October, 2011

Blog Monday Drawings are Back!

While at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference Booksigning (Good heavens! Is that a mouthful or what?) I conned my friend Shannon McKelden into going around for me and buying books. I was trapped signing but she wasn’t signing this year, so I gave her my parameters: books my blog readers would love, and sent her on her merry way.

I am happy to report, she came through for you in perfect form!

I have books. A big fat bag of autographed books to give away. Plus I have some great Avon bookbags to add to the stash. And bookbags from … Read more »

Five Things about Elizabeth Hoyt

Last April at RT, I finally truly met Elizabeth Hoyt. She will tease me about this, but I know we had met before, but I had an actual chance to get to know her–mostly because I was pea-green with envy over the wonderful promo pieces she had done for her wonderful Maiden Lane series. (Which I gave away here all last spring!)

Probably because I fawned enough at RT, I was able, all these months later, to lure her over to my blog to let all of you know Five Things about Elizabeth Hoyt:

1) Did you have a nickname
Read more »
Best Conference Evah!

When you go to a conference, in my case, The Surrey International Writers’ Conference, you never expect to arrive and have to undergo four security checks by RCMP just to get into the hotel, dodge past a couple hundred protesters, as well as having been pre-screened by the Secret Service.

Nothing like a friendly, “Welcome to Canada” arrival with the hotel surrounded by RCMP.

All because former presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush are speaking at the conference hotel that day for a separate economic meeting. And even with all this security you discover a few days later, … Read more »

Too Much!

I cannot believe how swamped I am. I finished my book, for goodness sakes, I should have a life. But ever since I hit the send button I have been in frantic catch up mode.

‘Cept with this blog. And since I am off to the Surrey International Writer’s conference in Surrey, BC (I think it sounds so cool to be able to say, “I am going out of the country,” even if it is only two hours north of my house). I am not making any promises that I won’t go all fan girl on Elizabeth George–whose writing I … Read more »

We Interrupt This Blog

Yes, yes, I’ve been a wee bit slow in posting. Only because I am trying to get my book done and it is consuming all my time. All My Time. But I had a quick few minutes between shuffling kids to school, so I thought I would remind folks that I have several Events coming up in the next few weeks.

I’ll be in Surrey, British Columbia, up in Canada in two weeks and then at the Emerald City Writer’s Conference (Bellevue, Washington) the last weekend of the month. Both conferences have booksignings that are open to the public and … Read more »


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