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Archive for September, 2011

Five Things about Gayle Callen

If I were to describe my friend Gayle, I would say “she’s good people.” The sort of person you would never vote off the island. Funny, smart and down to earth, she’s someone that the more I get to know her, the more I discover we have in common! I hope you find some commonalities with her and check out her new book, Every Scandalous Secret.

1) Favorite indulgence: Chocolate Nutty Cone ice cream. Broken pieces of cone covered in chocolate all mixed inside. Need I say more?

2) First memory: the vacuum cleaner coming at me as my … Read more »

What's an Author to do . . .

Well, get her book done. Right now I am in the home stretch of finishing a book and there is chorus going round the house right now is “When my book is done–“. I don’t think I can compose the strident tone or the aggravated, please don’t bother me AGAIN notes that come with along with that statement, but they are not the only ones who are being put off as I log more hours than I care to count in front of my computer.

Hey, boys, I’ve been putting off all kinds of things that I want to get … Read more »

Five Things About Blythe Gifford

I met Blythe a little over a year ago at the RomCon conference and found her a delightful authorly companion to share a table with. And then I read her book and loved it, so it was only natural that I would want to share that table with all of you and let you get to know Blythe Gifford:

1) Favorite indulgence:  Miss Meringue Cappuccino Classiques.  My local
store no longer carries them so I order them shipped to me a carton of a dozen at a time. But they have no fat, so that makes total sense, right?… Read more »

Shout Out

I am going to make this announcement short and sweet, because I am in the home stretch of finishing up Along Came a Duke and don’t want to dally around the issue. So here it is:

Last week’s blog winner is: PhyllisC, commenter #29, who also tweeted as MamaCrab01.

(NOTE: There seems to be some confusion about this blog–this is not a contest, just the announcement of last week’s winner, which was Phyllis, who has already contacted me and will get this box of books. There is no current blog contest.)

Thanks everyone for playing along and when I get … Read more »

Five Things about Liza Palmer

Cool and hip are the best ways to describe Liza Palmer. And funny. Good gracious, this woman is funny. Depends sort of funny. But most of all, I just love her honesty. It is such a breath of fresh air. Minus the blue cheese.

Without further ado, my friend, Liza Palmer:

1) Most played song on my iPod: At 498 times, The Healing off the Lady in the Water soundtrack. I listened to this back to back to back to back to back when writing A Field Guide to Burying Your Parents. Never has a book called for the … Read more »

The Questions Behind 5 Things

For the past four months, I’ve been devoting my Thursday blogs to asking some of my favorite authors and good friends to give up five things about themselves that you might not know. I thought it would be a fun and unique way to introduce new authors to all of you.

This is how it works: I email a bunch of victims, er, good friends, acquaintances, authors I’ve read and enjoyed, and ask them to pick five questions out of a list of 10 (or to make up their own) and share the five things they think is interesting or … Read more »

Five Things about Elisabeth Naughton

I met Elisabeth Naughton a few years ago at an author dinner that was great fun. She made a comment about someone’s age being “really old.” It happened to be how old I was at the time–much to her embarrassment. I have teased her mercilessly since and in the interest of putting that slight behind us (no, not really, I will tease her as long as my old age and failing memory allows me) I wanted to introduce her to you. Besides, she writes great books.

1) Favorite indulgence: Not sure I can post the answer to this without getting … Read more »

New Contest

This is a quick, Happy Labor Day, hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend of fabulous weather post. But if you are inside–what?–and on your computer (get yourself outside, summer isn’t going to be around much longer) but before you go do as I bid (right now I feel so powerful), why not hang around for just another minute and enter my new faboo contest.

Someone is going to win a Nook. Not just any Nook. A Nook color. Too cool. And it will arrive just before Christmas.

So hop over to my Contest page. Enter and then enjoy this … Read more »

Five Things About Caroline Linden

I think Caroline Linden should change her name to “Caroline Linden–the romance author you should be reading.” Because, quite frankly, you should be reading her. Her books are wonderful and delightful and hard to put down. I had the privilege of reading One Night in London last spring, and have been so bummed ever since that I have to wait so much longer than anyone else to get to read the next one. So if that doesn’t convince you to give her a try, then here are five things that might:

1) The last book you read: Five Red HerringsRead more »


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