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Archive for June, 2011

House Elves, Good & Evil

I’ve been thinking a lot about house elves of late. Mostly because my new shoes, the ones that were so much trouble to find and order and that I love so much keep disappearing. I can find one shoe, but not the other. And then the next day, the other one magically appears so I can wear them both, until the next day, when this is what I will find:

One shoe. Go figure. The other has once again wandered off. I suspect evil House Elves.

On another the front, the good House Elves have been laboring over my website … Read more »

Third Place Books Signing

First of all, huge props go to Stefanie Sloane who organized this wonderful event. As Julia Quinn and I joked, nothing would have happened–not the food, the flowers, getting the word out–if Stefanie wasn’t the world’s most organized writer. I will only take credit for picking up the incredible and beautiful cakes from Bakery Nouveau, which was a task I was assigned based solely on the fact I live in that part of town.

Everything was ready and waiting for us. From our books:

To lots of Lord Langleys awaiting good homes. Doesn’t he look entirely lonely and in … Read more »

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