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Archive for May, 2011

One Busy Week

Bracing myself for the week ahead. Three events, four if you count that this morning, Lord Langley goes on sale! Huzzah! Hurray! Yee-hah! I think that covers it.

Since I am usually a stay at home mom who has been known to drive through carpool pick up wearing her slippers, being trussed up, er, dressed up for three events (one of them in front of a live stream internet audience) is rather daunting. But I will survive if only because A) I get to meet so many of you, and 2) I’m hanging with my good peeps, Julia QuinnRead more »

Book Spooting

A long time ago, a typo in a group post amongst the Avon Authors became the butt of some good-natured ribbing. I don’t even remember who it was, but someone had gone to their local store to see if they could “spoot” the new books that were supposed to be out that day.

Book spooting! We all laughed, but after that it became a monthly tradition for everyone to report in and give “book spooting” reports as to when our various titles had arrived at ones local Walmart, Target, B&N, Borders, Books-a-Million, grocery stores, et al. This was before all … Read more »

Five Things about Stefanie Sloane

Meet debut author, Stefanie Sloane, who won’t be a debut author for very long since she has three books coming out in the next three months. Yes, you heard me correctly three wonderful Regency historical romances, one after another. And you get to meet her first! (BTW, the first one, The Devil in Disguise is out now!)

So, without further ado, here are Five Things about Stefanie Sloane:

Favorite indulgence: Cake. Any kind of cake, though I do love an old-fashioned, run of the mill, Grandma-type fudge chocolate cake.

If you could go on a date with one of your Read more »

Lord Langley Winner

We have a winner for the early finished copy of Lord Langley is Back in Town. And without too much further ado, (But I do love a good ado when it drags out the suspense that much more) the winner is: ChrisS, whose comment on May 23 at 11:22am started as follows:

I definitley prefer a flawed Hero.

There you have it, ChrisS, you are my winner. You’ll find my email at the top of my Contact page. Please send me your full name and address before noon PT tomorrow (May 26th) so I can overnight your copy of … Read more »

In Defense of Felicity

As the early reviews began to come in for Lord Langley is Back in Town, I was quite pleased to find that all of them were very favorable. I wanted the story to be funny, but I also wanted the story to have an emotional depth, since it is a story of coming home and about discovering one’s identity, and the reviews I was reading got that. Hurrah!

But one review stood out, and not for its kind words about the book but what it said about Felicity, the heroine of Love Letters from a Duke, and a … Read more »

Lord Langley ~ Regency SEAL?

Last weekend, the Seattle Times ran a front page article about Navy SEALS and how they make great romance novel heroes. On the front page of the paper. If you didn’t get to read the article, here it is in its original form via the Washington Post.

Of course all my husband sees as he reads the article is how successful all these books about SEALS are and has to ask, “Why aren’t you writing about SEALS?”

Well, I am here to argue that I am. And have been for years. May I introduce my newest Regency era SEAL, … Read more »

Five Things About: Laura Lee Guhrke

The cool part about being an author is that you get to meet lots of other authors. So I thought I would share the fun with all of you and asked a bunch of my author buddies to share something about themselves that you might not know.

Here is the first in a series of Five Fun Things . . . . about Laura Lee Guhrke:

1) The last book you read: Water for Elephants, by Sara Gruen

2) Favorite place to shop online: Amazon. Where else? They have books.

3) If you could go on a date Read more »

Twinkle, Twinkle, I'm on Twitter

I’ve been twittered. Or at least I’ve dipped my toe in and have given it a try. I feel so . . . connected and a little baffled and a lot overwhelmed by the feeds. Who to follow? What are the rules? What are the social niceties that one must follow so that one does not upset or insult anyone? Which being me, won’t be all that hard NOT to do.

I blame Liza Palmer (@LizaPalmer) and Megan Crane (@megancrane) (who also writes as Caitlin Crews) entirely for this situation. When I was down in LA for the Romantic Times … Read more »

Making Progress

Here I told you all that I would get another blog written last week and here it is Friday of this week. Sheesh. Um. Wow. I’ve been writing? Does that work? I actually have been writing. Head down, working on the next book. And I’ve come to the realization that getting a book done is like cleaning the kitchen. It gets done one thing at a time.

Or, in the case of a book, one page at a time.

There are nights when I drag my tired carcass into the kitchen and wonder who made the mess cooking dinner (answer: … Read more »


Sometimes writing can be described with one word: momentum. The process of continuously moving forward. What I’ve come to realize the most about momentum and writing is that it isn’t just one big push at the beginning or one big leap at the end that gets a book done–it is the daily solid push forward, the continuous application of momentum that gets a book done.

Let me tell you, April was not about momentum. It held, not one, but two trips. One for business, one for fun. It had two spring breaks. One for parochial school, one for public school. … Read more »


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