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Archive for August, 2010

What Does 4500 Miles in a Car Look Like?

Like the car has never been detailed. Enough bug carnage on the front bumper to make an entomologist jealous. And by the exhausted smiles on the faces of four happy Boyles, like they’d just had the trip of their lives. For three weeks, we camped, hiked, swam and explored our way across seven states. Just where did we go? Here it is:

Seattle to Montana. Montana to Yellowstone. Yellowstone to the Grand Tetons. Across Wyoming. Into the Black Hills of South Dakota. Across South Dakota. North to North Dakota. Went to a wedding. Dipped our toes into Minnesota so we … Read more »

On a little vacation

Turned in my book two weeks ago and promised the family some summer Fun away from work. So I might seem a little absent, but I will be back very soon with lot’s to share very soon. Hope you are all enjoying a little summer fun.… Read more »


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