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Archive for July, 2010

Manga Me

Yes, the Japanese manga versions of This Rake of Mine and Something About Emmaline have started to arrive, starting with the two volume set of Emmaline. I have to admit that of all the things that have happened in my career, this really tickles me. I don’t know why, but it just does. Perhaps it is just the fact that I sit in my office in Seattle and spin my words into sentences and paragraphs, and now my stories are finding new lives all over the globe. It is humbling and leaves me awe-struck.

Thank you to everyone who has … Read more »

My GLEE inspired RWA Conference Tips

Hey, I’m not going to Orlando for the Romance Writers of America conference next week. I hadn’t planned on going when it was in Nashville, and as I told my editor, I had no desire trade a swamped hotel in Nashville for a hotel in a swamp. But then again, after nearly twenty years of attending RWA National conferences (Gads, I must have started going when I was like, 12) I’ve come up with my Glee inspired Top 5 Tips to keep you from going mad in the rushed, harried craziness that is “National.”

1) Conference is not Sectionals, Regionals Read more »

And then the Unpacking

Okay, I am not all that fond of the unpacking either. My husband is a restless sort who cannot rest when we come home until he is completely and utterly unpacked. Everything has to be sorted out and put back in place. I don’t know how we ended up married sometimes, because I linger over unpacking as much as I linger over the original packing.

Rochester's Belles

But what I shouldn’t be lingering over is the story:  Please let me say outright that RomCon rocked! It was bar none, the best reader’s conference I’ve ever attended. Wonderful readers, great organization … Read more »

What to Pack

I have a friend who when she goes away, has her suitcase packed a good two weeks ahead of time. That has always seemed a little too much fore-planning for me, but at the same time I admire her certainty. She knows exactly what she needs and what she is wearing and in it goes. There are two reasons why I can’t do this: I can never make up my mind what to take and I don’t own enough bras and panties to stash away a week’s worth in a suitcase. That’s probably TMI, but there it is.

But the … Read more »


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