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Archive for March, 2010

Number One London

I recently found an invitation in my inbox to come visit a new blog written by Kristine Hughes and Victoria Hinshaw, two of my favorite Regency and Victorian enthusiasts and researchers. Of course I dropped by immediately and found a delightful treasure trove of information. My next thought was to make sure all of you discovered their blog, Number One London, as well. So just to introduce you, here are Kristine Hughes and Victoria Hinshaw:

EB: Number One London is an exciting new blog! What do you intend to do and share with your newfound readers?

KH: We intend … Read more »

Libraries, Tell Me So I Can Tell Them

I’m off to PLA next week–The Public Library Association if you don’t like acronyms)–and since I will have the ear of a room full of librarians, what would you like me to tell them about why, or even why not, you use your local public library? Time to sound off and I’ll compile your thoughts and share them with librarians from all over the country.

Just to get you started:

1) Do you use your local library for your romance reading habit and why? What do you love, what do you wish librarians would do to make their collections … Read more »


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