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Archive for February, 2010

Books, Far and Wide

Periodically I get these non-descript packages from my editor and I always know what they are: Foreign Language editions. Oh, goody! What language is this going to be in and what will they do to the cover? I find the covers almost as interesting as the title translations.

Look at these wonderful renditions of This Rake of Mine:


This Rake of Mine, Japanese Edition

This Rake of Mine, Dutch edition

This Rake of Mine, Dutch edition

I have to admit that when I opened the package yesterday with this Dutch version, I thought for a moment they’d inserted a vampire into the book. Just kidding!… Read more »

Three Popular Questions

I think all writers have their own same three questions that come in daily. And I thought I would save everyone a lot of trouble and just answer them today in the blog. So in no particular order, here are the three questions that I get asked frequently:

Question No. 1: Will you write John, Ginger and Nate’s stories?

This has to be the most popular question that I get. And the answer is “Absolutely.” There seems to be a moment as a character comes to life on a page that as an author, you just know that they will … Read more »

Creative Promiscuity

Yes, when I heard that phrase last night on NPR, I grinned. I was listening to an interview with Colin Firth on Fresh Air, and he is so wonderfully intriguing. So when he described what he loves about acting, that it is a form of creative promiscuity, I knew exactly what he meant.

What Colin Firth was describing was the excitement and passion that an actor (or in my case, a writer) can put into projects, because the work we do is so finite. You start a film, you finish a film, you go to the next project. You sell … Read more »


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