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Archive for January, 2010

I Shall Not Steal

This is a resolution I wish many readers would take in 2010. Let me explain why. It was with some excitement that on December 29th I saw my book go on sale, but not a few hours after its official release, I got this from Google Alerts:

Astatalk – How I Met My Countess — Boyle, Elizabeth download request
Romantic Fiction → How I Met My Countess — Boyle, Elizabeth. 29 Dec 2009, 15: 36. Download. Sponsored 50 MBit/sec direct download. Does anyone have this? …

Yes, here was a reader asking for an illegal copy of How I Met … Read more »

Never Eat Sugar Cookies While Writing

So I’ve been writing away on the next book trying to get it finished, and working like crazy over the holidays. And unfortunately eating right along with the pages. As a result my book seems to have grown rather, ahem, fat on that diet. Apparently a steady influx of fudge, cookies and candy canes has a way of sneaking pages into your manuscript, while also adding to the writer’s bottom line.

(That in itself is a subject for another day).

But as for my current dilemma, I glanced up at my page count the other day as I’ve been … Read more »

Meet Emma Wildes

EB: Emma, I was thrilled to get to read Lessons from a Scarlet Lady early, so please tell everyone about the book so I can gush some more:

EW: Well, first of all…the main characters are married. I know, I know, usually the romance comes first with the wedding as the end result, but Colton and Brianna have made a fashionable, aristocratic match. Our independent duchess, however, is head over heels in love and doesn’t want her handsome husband to fall into the dilettante habits of the beau monde. He could very well take a mistress, but she … Read more »

Blogging Around

I’ve been a bit sparse here of late because I’ve been swamped with the holidays and trying to finish the next book, Mad About the Duke. But with the new book on the shelves–yes, how could you have missed the new book???–How I Met My Countess, I’ve made a few trips outside my usual soapbox here and have visited a few other blogs and would love for you to stop by and leave comments there and hint . . . hint . . . there giveaways over there. Yes, prizes for commenting.

So you’ll want to stop … Read more »


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