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Archive for August, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Have you seen this Staples commercial? I’ve been humming this tune for the last week or so. You see, when the little darlings go back to school, then I get to work. Lately, I’ve taken to hovering around my office, tapping my foot and anxious to get back at it. But for now, I’ll have to settle with cart dancing down the aisles of Staples.

Now if you also have kids going back to school, might I suggest this in their lunch boxes? These Apple Raisin Bars are delicious and very easy to make. I finish them off with a … Read more »

Around the World

I’ve been spotted again. First I was in Italy with Julia Quinn. (And my heartfelt thanks to Julia for finding me over there. But next time, Julia, how about bringing me along? I’m just saying . . . ) And now it appears I am on the road again. And not with Julia, who I believe is in the Galapagos Islands this week. Julia, if you are out there and find one of my books translated into giant tortoise or penguin, let me know.

Geri Krotow in Red Square

But off to my new adventure. Just as a girl has a chance to get … Read more »

Sunshine and Whales, Oh My!

Last week we slipped down to Seaside, Or for a little summer vacation. No great trips this summer (not that we take those usually, but one can dream!) but for me going down to Seaside is heaven. I really love the place. We stay at Gearhart which is a couple miles north of Seaside and I spent most of the time dreaming of owning a house there. Does anyone have a spare $1.7 million they’d like to donate to my vacation jar? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

That doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the place any less. Walking to Pop’s … Read more »


I read an email from a life coach recently where he was discussing how we as human beings spend too much time ruminating about our past and not moving on. He urged those of us who read his advice to move out of the world of “should’a, could’a, would’as” and move forward. He compared the act of rumination to what cows do–chewing their cud over and over.

Not a pretty image, but good advice because we all have places in our lives that tend to stick to us like gum on your shoe and are just as hard to get … Read more »

Wherever you go, there I am

I got a picture from Julia Quinn recently. She’d been in Italy last summer and while standing at a corner newstand in Rome spotted one of my books. She took this picture for me to show me where I was.  Now I know this could be anyone’s arm in any city, but believe me, this is Julia Quinn in Italy.

Julia and me in Italy. Well, my book in Italy.

You see, the picture came a stricture that I crop her face out, as she claimed she had “travel face,” and while I think she looked great–happy and touristy—she asked me to remove her face. So you will have to … Read more »

July Contest Winner

A quick update–the winner of my July contest is Patricia B. of Jonesborough, TN. She’ll be receiving a $25 gift card to Barnes & Noble. If you aren’t Patricia, don’t despair, there is a new Contest posted and open for entries. Get yours in today and you might find your name listed her next month. … Read more »

Oh, the Power . . .

Imagine me rolling my hands together, my eyes glazed over with a madness over my own inflated worth . . . or just see me laughing that I actually had more say in something than I ever thought possible.

You see as an author, you build a career slowly. And from the very beginning, you learn one very simple rule, well hopefully you learn this rule: The only thing you have power over is your writing. If you don’t learn this lesson quickly, you become an author who doesn’t last long. Or one who beats their head against the wall … Read more »


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