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Archive for July, 2009

Being Female Viagra

Oh, that title ought to drive Google crazy. But there it is. I had to just get it right out there in the open and share, because my book, His Mistress by Morning, was recently featured in an article, Why Foreplay for Women is a Novel Concept, in the Irish Independent newspaper. I think the funny part of the article is how shocked the author was to find, sex, yes sex, in the book a 64 year old granny was reading. My book, to be exact.

I like the idea of my book in Ireland, the land … Read more »

No One Tells You These Things

I had one of those Mom moments today that no one ever tells you about. What it is like to put a kid on a bus and send them off to camp. For a week. Egads, I thought my heart was being ripped from my chest as I watched that big bus roll away from the school. He’s been off to sleepovers, stays with his Grame for as long as he can finagle, but this?! Goodness, I don’t know if I can make it until he sends me a postcard and lets me know he is doing well. I’ve already … Read more »

My RWA National Conference

Was spent at home. Sorry to dupe you, but when I got pneumonia I had to cancel all my travel plans. So this past week and weekend I would have been in Washington DC. Considering how much I was looking forward to conference in DC, I was surprised that after I canceled everything, I wasn’t all that letdown.

Oh, I had a few moments during the week–Tuesday, the day I would have flown there, the Wednesday autographing, and a tea party  I was supposed to attend, but otherwise, I really didn’t give the entire affair much thought. I was just … Read more »

Reading Labels

The other day I picked up a pack of taco seasoning in the grocery store and made the mistake of reading the label. If you love your taco seasoning, don’t do this, because it is a shock to discover what is inside it. Be prepared to get a degree in “what-the-hell-is that-doing-in-my-taco?” At least that was what I thought and then I did another look at the price and put it back on the shelf with my nose wrinkled and two fingers held at a distance, you know that, “Egads, what did I just pick up?”

I became a label … Read more »

June Contest Winners

As I said the other day, I am catching up. And apparently I am catching up to the idea of blogging twice a week as well. I was off with the the kids running errands yesterday (nothing like being ten minutes out from the orthodontist and hearing, “Oh, no! I forgot my retainer” which was the sole reason for going) and listening to the only three Beatle’s songs Matthew likes (Help, Daytripper, and Lady Madonna), I recalled that it was Thursday and I hadn’t blogged. Sorry, I was busy writing the proposal for the next book and sort of forgot … Read more »

The New Series

Here is the problem:  I come up with an idea for a new series, propose it, Avon loves it, and I start writing. Of course, the last book in the previous series is well into production, somewhere off doing what books do once they leave the safety of the author’s nest. And then it comes out when I am already into something new, and you all discover some couple in that book, go gaga over them and hound me about writing their book. (Okay, I really don’t mind all that, but come on, I can only write so fast . … Read more »

The Backlog

If you have emailed me in the last, say, three months, you know that I am a little behind on the answering part. My email usually gets busy when a book comes out, but this year, with the two, the response was overwhelming and then, of course, I got sick, so nothing got answered, so now I have a HUGE backlog of email. So if you have written, please be patient with me–I am making an effort to get caught up now that my next book is done, the revisions (just a bit of tweaking per my editor) are in, … Read more »


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