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Archive for June, 2009

My Two Favorite Words

The. End. Typed in that exact order at the bottom of a manuscript.… Read more »

Haven't Any Words to Spare

Down to the wire putting the finishing touches on a book, but I knew that a number of you (and thank you for your emails) were worried that I’d dropped out of sight again. So no worries, I am good. The fatigue is getting less and less, and I am working every hour I can function (without getting overly tired–that is for my Mom and Dad, just in case they are reading–or my Aunt Sue or my Aunt Dar, either of whom would rat me out in a NY minute) to get this book tidied up and ready to make … Read more »

Signed Books in Florida

Boy, I am behind. I’ve had this info sitting here for weeks, and finally got it typed into my Alphasmart. Here are the stores where, like the Easter Bunny, I popped in and signed books while I was in Florida. If you are headed to Orlando, consider this a good list of bookstores in the area, and if you want to go on the hunt and discover a signed copy of one of my books, call ahead to make sure they still have copies, or call and purchase one over the phone ask them to ship it to you. They … Read more »


Keeping me from doing too much is sort of a full-time occupation it turns out. Thank goodness for the online reservations at the library, Ravelry, online bookstores, and Netflix. Between the four, I am finding enough diversions to entice me to put my feet up and take a break.

I’ve been able to read the latest Laura Joh Rowland Sano Mystery, The Fire Kimono, which I found fascinating. This mystery series is set in feudal Japan, about a samurai who has little in the way of connections and family but rises up the ranks by his sheer … Read more »

May Winners, June Contest Up

I can’t believe it is June already! Thank goodness the ever efficient Claire over at Wax sent me a note to let me know my June contest was posted or I would have thought it was still May. Whew! So in the spirit of June, it is time to announce winners. The May winners of my contest are:

Kimberly L. of Dallas, NC
Sina B. of Eugene, OR
Adrienne C. of Hollywood, FL
Caroline W. of Jasper. AL
Ronda I. of Pflugerville, TX
Jenny R. Griffin, GA
Mai X. of Fond du Lac, WI
Noralyn S. of Lompoc, CA

Read more »
Digging Out

Everyone has been so kind, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am slowly, ever-so-slowly, making a return to the land of the living, and let me tell you, it is good to be up and moving again. You know you are sick when you don’t feel like reading or knitting for over two weeks. But I’ve been doing a lot of both lately, mostly because my dad has been here pulling his turn in the rotating shift of “Keep Elizabeth from Doing Too Much, Too Soon.” I am sort of notorious in my family for … Read more »


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