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Archive for April, 2009

Autographed book, anyone?

To celebrate the release of Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress, I’ve got a huge stack of autographed bookplates to send your way (as if my wrist wasn’t sore enough) but I wanted to make sure as many of you got at least a bookplate, if you can’t get your hands on a signed book.

All you have to do is send me a self-addressed address envelope and I’ll fill it with as many bookplates as you would like, and then I’ll stick on the postage. Get it to me ASAP and you could give Mom, a special Aunt, … Read more »

Oh, Rupert! Et tu?

In the category of crimes against men, I present the case of Rupert Evertt. I have always thought he was handsome, and as he aged, well, it was like fine wine. Then I saw the picture from Star recently and it stopped me in my tracks. Have you seen this?

 OMG! Can you believe that scary, line free fellow on the right is our Rupert? I sort of sobbed a bit, and then thought that whoever did this, whoever suggested that this was a good idea all ought to be taken out . . . well, taken out somewhere and … Read more »

Round 2: Events v. Deadline

I’ve got way too much going on right now. A deadline in two weeks. Memoirs of a Scandalous Red Dress coming out next week. Everyone still excited and writing about Confessions of a Little Black Gown. And, if all that isn’t enough, another round of events. Just call me the girl who can’t say no.

So in case you need to plug a few things into your social calendar, so you can get on this crazy merry go round as well, here is the Cliff Note version of what is coming up:

  • Two Internet radio interviews
  • Two booksignings
Read more »
A Light Goes Dim

A few weeks ago CBS announced that it would be canceling Guiding Light in September. I’ve been reading all about its demise and pondering what it means to all of us who love soaps. I have to confess I’ve never watched GL, being an All My Children chick myself, but the loss of this venerable soap opera sort of took me aback. I mean after 72 years you just pull the plug. Harsh. And replace it with another talk show? Double harsh.

There have been rumblings for a few years online and in the soap rags that daytime dramas are … Read more »

Thank You! And I Held Hands With Dash

Thank you, thank you, thank you! All of you who went rushing out and bought your books and put Confessions of a Little Black Gown on the New York Times bestseller list and on USA Today’s list as well. It was amazing to get back from being out of town and finding those messages on the machine. Like finding a solid chocolate bunny in the Easter basket, not one of those hollow ones. So my deep, humble and heart felt appreciation for your support.

Warning, if you haven’t read Confessions yet, this next part contains a spoiler.

Another thing I … Read more »

Why Are Autographed Books Like Easter Eggs?

‘Cause you never know where you will find them! And considering all the books I’ve signed recently, I sort of feel like an Easter bunny–hopping across the country and signing books wherever I go. And if you live in Wichita, you may find some of those signed books I left behind. And even if you don’t live in Wichita, there is a way for you to get your hands on one–but more of that later.

When an author travels, they love to do what is called “the drive-by.” Which means, you locate all the bookstores in a reasonably doable radius … Read more »

Kansas is Kool

I have to say the number one thing that struck me about Wichita. The people are really, really nice. I mean, really nice. Polite, helpful, friendly, always ready to help and pitch in. Traveling with Niki Burnham, who hails from the Boston part of the country, and me coming from the West Coast, we met in the middle–and discovered where all the good manners have gone too. Now I am not saying there are no good manners on the coasts, but when you are just struck dumb by how kind people are, then you realize what is missing back … Read more »


Sometimes I know a book is going to be dedicated to a certain person before I sit down and write it. Other times, I come to that realization while I am writing the book. I know as I crafted the pages of Confessions of a Little Black Gown, that Tally’s book belonged to Jessica Burtt. And let me tell you why.

We met Jessica about seven years ago, when Matthew was a baby. He’d run through just about every babysitter I could find. He was one tough baby. He even sent the neighborhood’s alleged “baby whisperer” into a two hour … Read more »


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