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Archive for March, 2009

The Ultimate Romance Reader’s Must Read Author List

So here it is, the list of your favorite romance authors. You brought me the names and said you loved these authors. So here is the list for all to see. And if you find a whole bunch of new favorite reads, that’ s the best news of the day.

Historical Authors

Let’s say you love seeing Colin Firth in breeches. Can’t wait for PBS to run back to back showings of Pride & Prejudice. Love when Richard Armitage finally kisses the heroine in North and South. Then you should indulge your inner countess and try these authors:

Victoria Alexander… Read more »

OMG! You Guys are Great!

And this time I mean that. No really. When I asked for everyone to post a list of books, I thought I’d get a decent list, but you all came through and gave me a fantastic list to pass along to a whole bunch of librarians. If you haven’t posted your favorites yet, I’m still taking recommendations and you have until Saturday midnight to get entered into the contest to win an Amazon.com gift certificate. So post away, I am loving these lists.

Next week is coming fast–there is so much going on.  Confessions of a Little Black Gown arrives … Read more »

The Final Tally and A New Survey

Thank you so much for all your well wishes (my hand sends extra thanks you, and my shoulder as well) and your great guesses. BTW, my hand is nearly back to 100%, but I’ve had to lay off the knitting and gardening all week. But necessary when you realize the final tally was 130 boxes of signed books, and since as an industry standard, a box of mass market paperbacks always contains 48 books, I signed 6240 books, give or take a few that came out of the box a little worse for wear–another industry standard, I fear. (And there … Read more »

One At A Time

Ever wondered when you find an autographed book in the grocery store or the Target how it got there? Did the author do–as it is known in the business–a drive-by? Or did they, as I just did this week, find themselves in a warehouse surrounded by pallets of books (yes, I said pallets, not boxes) and were asked to sign all of them, so that not only your Target or Meijer’s or Krogers has an autographed copy, but so do every other store in that chain, state, or region.

That is how I found myself this week in a warehouse … Read more »

Spring Is Coming, I Know It Is

And not because the weatherman keeps reminding us each night how many days left until it is officially spring. And yes, it would be hard to tell that spring is near considering that as I write this, it has snowed all morning (bringing Seattle up to its 7th (and maybe 6th) worst winter since they started tracking those things. Not even my daffodils, which  are valiantly trying to pop up and grow. Two have even bloomed, but I think those ones are just the over-achiever sorts.

No, I know Spring is near when the boys in the afternoon carpool start … Read more »

The Care and Feeding of a RITA

So you all just cracked me up this week. Here I thought I’d posted a good blog on “what makes a great romance,” and then the discussion turns to focus on my poor decrepit RITA. So I feel I should offer both a defense and some thoughts for anyone who might gain one in the future.

RITAs are delicate creatures. Swanlike in their grace, they also have their quirks. Take the pen. Most winners will tell you, that through no fault of their own, the pen has snapped off. Mine lasted for about seven years, then one day snap, … Read more »

What Makes a Great Romance Novel?

This is probably a question that is both difficult to answer and the most completely subjective one that will ever cross your path. Because a book I consider a great read and an awesome romance novel, my best friend might yawn and say “ho-hum.” That makes this time of year, when romance writers all over the world are judging their peers to determine which books will make the RITAs, Romance Writers of America’s highest honor, rather edgy. The RITA is the Academy Award, the Edgar, the Emmy for the best of the bunch, or rather bunches, since there are several … Read more »

The March of March

It seems to me that March always comes in like a lion, and then like a lion, chews on me for 30 some days, then leaves me in some forgotten part of the pride land, dazed and bleeding. Can you tell we’ve been watching The Lion King around our house?

But carnivorous animals aside and months that start with “M”, it always seems like March just knocks me over. I always end up with a book due around this time of year, so March is the month of finishing a book. Don’t believe me:  Last year I was working on … Read more »

Celebrate Readers

That is really what the Celebrate Romance conference should be called, because Wow! what a great group of readers. This was my first CR, (and please, don’t let it be the last!!) and I had so much fun. I knew the trip was going to be great when on the train going down to Portland, the movie showing was The Philadelphia Story–that wonderful, Academy Award winning movie with the indomitable Kathrine Hepburn, the gorgeous and sophisticated Cary Grant and the always amazing Jimmy Stewart. A great romantic comedy to start off a weekend of romance and laughter.

Now I had … Read more »


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