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Archive for December, 2008

Frosty Melted

Finally the snow has melted away (at least in my part of town) and I think my friend Kelli Estes is probably still digging out.  Her part of the area (and my mom’s as well) got hammered with more snow on Christmas to the point where many people lost their power and are still stranded with unplowed streets and limited access in and out. That is one of the vagaries of Seattle weather. Right now the wind is howling and the rain is pouring down, but I called my mom who lives 35 minutes away and she has blue sky … Read more »

A Quickie

Oh, get your mind out of the snowbank.  Not that kind of quickie. A quickie gift. Perfect for a stocking stuffer, something to give to your book group, local bookseller who finds you great titles, friend at work who passes along gently used books. I did these up this morning after watching my husband drive up our driveway in my car.  He made it on the third attempt. Did I say he was driving my car? Only one around here with front wheel drive and chains. Because some of us like to be prepared. Crazy notion that! So after … Read more »

Excuses . . . Good and Bad

If you haven’t noticed, I took last week off. Not intentionally, and with no good reason, other than I kept intending to get to the computer and blog, but life and the holidays kept luring me away. I don’t know about you, but I am so easily distracted this time of year.  Write? Are you kidding?  When there are Christmas cookies to bake, presents to knit, hunt down and then wrap like a contented Christmas Diva (especially if I’ve found it on sale and used a coupon)?

Goodness, I hope my editor isn’t reading this. But honestly? I never plan … Read more »

'Tis the Season . . . For Tomatoes?

I opened the mailbox yesterday and the poor thing groaned, what with being stuffed with holiday catalogs. Apparently the deforestation that went into November’s assembly line arrival of enticements wasn’t enough, and now I am getting the “there’s still time to order” versions. Next week it will be “Have it by the 24th” versions and the week after it will be “Order by the 23rd and have it on the 24th” promises.

Look at all these! In just one day. There were over a dozen of them. But I have to acknowledge that this deluge is really my own fault.… Read more »

My Current Contest

Every two weeks between December 1st and February 14th, I’ll be drawing a winner–that’s five winners in all–so there are lots of chances to win. And how do you win? Just answer this easy question:

What day does Confessions of a Little Black Gown go on sale?

If you haven’t a clue, try this hint, then enter the contest. Each of the five winners will receive a special, autographed limited-edition hardback copy of Love Letters from a Duke. For all the fine print, the rest of the rules can be found on my Contest page.… Read more »

November Contest Winners

Here they are–the Twelve Days of Christmas winners!

  1. Susan E. of Monterey, CA
  2. Amy K. of Milwaukee, WI
  3. Ellie K. of Nashville, TN
  4. Lara B. of Keller, TX
  5. Theresa K. of Toledo, OH
  6. S. S. of E Meredith, NY
  7. Susan P. of Pembroke Pines, FL
  8. Jane S. of Wasola, MO
  9. Eva M. of Richmond, VA
  10. Sara R. of Muskegon, MI
  11. Eva M. of Tega Cay
  12. Sarah N. of Sydney, NSW, Australia

Please watch your mailbox this month for a package of holidays goodies and glad tidings. If you didn’t win, don’t despair. I’ve posted my new contest, which will … Read more »

So . . . How'd it Go?

Just a quick post to let you know that everyone here survived the holiday weekend–I’ve got to finish page proofs today–so this is a quickie blog. Pics and more to follow. We were down in Seaside again, like we did last year, and yes, DH cooked. He cooked off and on all day and after we ate the entire meal in less than fifteen minutes, he looked over at me, shook his head, and said, “That is way too much work for one meal.”

Ya think?

More tomorrow–oh, and contest winners tomorrow.  How was everyone else’s weekend? Bargains found? Turkey … Read more »


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