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Archive for November, 2008

Giving Thanks

A thank you to all of you who support my work, write me, read this blog, comment, read and don’t comment. I hope today is blessed, full of love, and an extra slice of pie.

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Speaking of Deadlines

The big one is coming. Yes, that one. Getting Thanksgiving dinner on the table by Thursday. Before midnight, hopefully. I say this because the DH has decided he will cook Thanksgiving. It all began when I started talking about all the work that goes into cooking Thanksgiving, and he scoffed saying how easy a turkey dinner is to make. So I shot him the skank eye and made a big “harrumph.” To which he said, “Well, then I’ll cook Thanksgiving.”

Now that would be cause for celebration if it meant he will actually be cooking Thanksgiving, because here is how … Read more »

Book Review: Silent in the Grave

If you are traveling in the next week or so for the holidays, I would love to recommend a great book: Silent In The Grave by Deanna Raybourn. This isn’t so much a romance as it is a historical mystery, but most of the time, at least for me, when someone says “historical mystery” they had me at hello.

And Silent in the Grave is no exception. It is an engaging story about a Victorian era widow who delves, rather reluctantly at first, into her husband’s sudden death and discovers a world she never knew. And while Lady Julia … Read more »

Prepare for Christmas Now, Enter My Contest

Hey all, just in case the holidays can’t come any soon enough for you, you should drop by my Contest this month and enter to win one of twelve “Days of Christmas” packages I’ll be sending out next month, which will include yummy, nummy homemade Christmas treats, autographed books to keep, and autographed books to use as extra stocking stuffers and hostess gifts from me and a number of your favorite Avon Authors including, Lorraine Heath, Julianne MacLean, Tracy Anne Warren, Kerrelyn Sparks, Sara Bennett, Alexandra Benedict, Anna Campbell, Isabel Sharpe and more!… Read more »

Well, I "Heart" You 2

Last week, Sarita Leone of From the Heart blog surprised me by giving me (well, my blog that is) an award. It’s nice to know that not only does someone read my blog, but likes it enough to make such a nice offer of recognition.  I am honored and just plain thrilled.  Oh, let’s cut to the chase–I love winning anything as my post Bringing Home the Elephant will attest. I’ll have you know I blew dry my hair this morning in honor of publicly accepting it. It’s not every day I blow dry my hair. I went out for … Read more »

Reforming Rakes, Redeeming Rogues

In the last year I’ve had the privilege to meet Maya Rodale. Though we’ve only met online, she strikes me as a kindred spirit, and I happened to love her first book,  The Heir And The Spare.  Like anyone else who read this engaging story, I’ve been eagerly awaiting her follow-up. But rather than have me blather on like an impatient fan, I’ll let Maya introduce you to her new book. Please join me in welcoming Maya Rodale!

MR: Hello Everyone! I’m thrilled to be blogging here today in honor of my new book, The Rogue And The Read more »

And the Winners Are . . .

Since this morning is the one where we wake up and find out who won, I thought I would also announce the winners of my October contest:

Annette P. of Ludlow MA
Leslie D. of Elk Grove Village IL
Lori M. of Fort Campbell KY
Jason N. of Elko MN
Lisa M. of Bel Air MD

Congratulations and watch your mailboxes for your winnings! And even if you didn’t win (or your candidate didn’t win) there is still this month’s contest.  You don’t even have to wait 4 years.… Read more »

Take My Inspiration, Please

The second question people always ask you after you tell them you are an author (the first being: do you have any books that you’ve sold) is always: where do you get your ideas. Most of the time, I haven’t the vaguest clue where the ideas come from, they sort of sneak up on me. Right now I am starting work on a new, three book series that will spin off from the Bachelor Chronicles. I got the idea for the series while I was screwing around, avoiding writing, putting together a family tree for Thatcher, the … Read more »


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