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Archive for September, 2008

If you had the choice . . .

between a Chrysler Sebrise and Ford Mustang at the rental counter (for the same price, mind you) which would you choose?  Yeah, I thought so. Man, did this ride rock.  Realize, I spend most of my days behind the wheel of a minivan, with one kid with a penchant for car sickness.  I don’t care what Febreeze or the guy at the detail shop says, there are just some odors that you can’t get out of a car. So it was an extra treat that this rockin set of wheels even smelled new.  I was completely channeling my 70s vibe, … Read more »

Is it Tuesday, Already?

Okay, I’m a little out of it.  The quick trip to Portland, combined with coming down with a fierce head cold Friday night after the signing and not sleeping at all (is there anything worse than having a great hotel room and not being able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep because your head feels like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day balloon?) has all made me feel like I’m running late for a bus.  Or rather late for my usual Monday morning blog.

So forgive me for the Tuesday afternoon edition.  I have to kick this cold before I fly to … Read more »

Meet Michael Spradlin, YA Wonder

As a mom of boys, I deplore the lack of good fiction written for boys.  My son loves to read, but the bulk of fiction out there is aimed square at girls and like most boys he has his own ideas about what makes a good book.  So when I found out my good friend, Michael Spradlin was writing a book about a young Templar knight, I was thrilled.  So I asked Michael to drop by and tell all of you about his new book/series, The Youngest Templar.

1) Michael, how exciting to see The Youngest Templar, the Read more »

An Awarding Week

Last week was sort of a surprise.  I received two awards in one week.  It’s not every week that you snag even a single award, but two in one week?  Well, that is cause to celebrate.  We went out to Canlis and had a wonderful meal on Friday night.  Well, the Canlis thing was for his job and had been in the works for weeks, so my awards had nothing to do with it, but really when you are in Seattle’s finest restaurant with a roomful of engineers, it is much nicer to imagine that the entire affair is to … Read more »

Want an Autographed Copy? Order From Powells Today!

Powell’s Books in Beaverton is having their second Rose City Romance event next Friday, September 19th and I am thrilled to get to go join the crowd! If you live in the greater Portland area, please drop by, ask questions, take pictures, and get autographs . . . . oh yes, there will be lots of books.  Always a great lure–especially after reading all the comments from Monday’s Blog. I’ll be there signing Tempted by the Night, along with Samantha James signing Seduction of an Unknown Lady, my friend Terri Reed  with her book, Double Jeopardy, … Read more »

Psst . . . Pass it along . . .

I think books were meant to be shared.  At least that was what I learned growing up as I watched all the adults in the family pass along good reads.  And if a book was particularly good or popular, then there was the bartering that went into who got it next.  My husband and I did this on our honeymoon–I was reading a Grisham novel and he picked it up when I wasn’t looking.  Then the tussle began as to who got to read it.  I solved the problem by ripping the paperback in half before my horrified husband’s eyes. … Read more »

Meet Delilah Marvelle – The New "Mistress of Pleasure"

So this week brings the arrival of a debut author, Delilah Marvelle and her wonderful new book, Mistress of Pleasure. I asked Delilah to drop by and meet all of you, so without any further ado:

1) Delilah, how exciting to see your first book Mistress of Pleasure coming out! Congratulations! What was the spark that ignited this story? In other words what came to you first?

Thank you so much for the congrats, Elizabeth, and for having me on your blog! I’m definately thrilled to see my first book in print.

Ah, yes. The spark that ignited this … Read more »


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