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Archive for August, 2008

Six Questions

Maya Rodale asked me her infamous “Six Questions I Always Ask.” See how I fared on her blog.

BTW, what would be your six questions? Read more »


Here it is. August 26th. The day this book comes out. Of all the books I’ve written, this one feels like it has taken ages to reach this point. I wrote it nearly two years ago, just after His Mistress by Morning came out. So to me, the process has been a whole lot of waiting to share this very fun story. At least I think it is fun. It was fun to write, if that means anything.

But today, I would like to talk about the Dedication in this book.

To my good friend, Anne Ricci.

Whose support over … Read more »

And the winner is . . .

Crystal A, who posted a comment on August 11th.  And thank you very much to the 172 of you who posted comments and kept my blog hopping for the past month.  I’ve enjoyed all the chatter, kind remarks and made some great new friends.  Thanks to one and all.

Elizabeth… Read more »

Chatty Lizzie

I’m blogging all over these next few days. I suppose I’m the girl who can’t say no when someone asks me to blog. So stop by:

And don’t forget to get your last minute comments in here. I’ll be picking a winner tomorrow at noon, PDT.… Read more »

Spoilers and their Spoilage

I am no fan of spoilers. If I am looking forward to something (a book, a TV show, a movie) I make it a studious practice of avoiding anything that might hint at the plot, the twists or even if there is a surprise. I’ll read a review for about two lines to get the sense of whether the reviewer liked it or didn’t and then stop, for fear the reviewer has forgotten his job and gone and spoiled the premise for his readers.

Because, ladies and gentleman, IMHO the job of a reviewer is NOT to give away the … Read more »

What Authors Shouldn't Do . . .

So last week I talked about how great you all are, and this week I’ll share what authors are usually up to before a book comes out. Really, if you think we are all successful, well-adjusted and basically lofty individuals and you want to hold onto that delusion, please read no further. It only gets ugly from here.

Now most authors I know spend the two weeks before their book comes out fussing. Not just fussing, but pacing around. Waiting. You see we’ve spent months, years even waiting for this book to come out, for this story to get told … Read more »

What Readers Do . . .

Is come out of the woodwork and comment like crazy. Wow! Was I overwhelmed at how many of you took the time to enter my contest. Keep those comments coming because they all count. What also overwhelmed me was that so many of you have said that you can’t wait for Tempted by the Night to come out, and believe me I really, really appreciate hearing that. You don’t know how much such bubbly praise makes an author’s day.

Nor should I tell you that I have a copy of the book sitting on my desk–I usually get a … Read more »

My Conference Excess is Your Gain

(Please note that this contest ended on August 25th.  But please visit my contest page to win other fun prizes!)

When you go to the RWA conference there is a ton of free stuff to pick up. Everywhere. Books, bookmarks, pens, pencils, publisher’s tchotchkes, and more books. This year I exercised due restraint, mostly because I knew the DH would be around when I was packing up and I’d have to hear the complaints of “why are you bringing that stuff home?” Okay, he’d probably call it all junk, but he’s a man and just doesn’t get it.

But quite … Read more »

I Wasn't the Only One

I’ve found myself having a hard time coming down from the conference this week. I just didn’t want the fun and energy to stop. To prolong the love, I’ve been reading everyone else’s posts about the SF RWA conference and thought I’d share them, along with extending my own posts about the conference:

My First Time – Oh, get your mind out the gutter, it wasn’t that first time. But it seemed to be a lot of folks first time at conference, including Abi at Waxcreative, Ciara Stewart (who, BTW, for someone who went for the first time and claims … Read more »

I left my heart in San Francisco, but I did bring my husband home

It is so hard to come back from conference and distill it down into one blog. Okay, sort of impossible. Because I have to admit, I’ve never had so much fun at conference as I did this past week. (Well, with the possible exception of the first NYC conference–remember Diane?) From the Yarn Crawl with Debbie Macomber and company, to the tea with John Charles, to the meetings with Waxcreative–my wonderful web team, to the workshops I gave, to having my DH come down Friday night and spend time with him, to presenting one of the RITAs. It was … Read more »


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