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Archive for July, 2008

Flicks for Chicks

Cub Scout Camping weekend is met with great joy around our house. The boys go camping and get very dirty, and very wet river rafting and come home sunburned and covered in band aids. But the greatest joy is when they back out the driveway and leave me to watch whatever I want. Now I had a sweater I wanted to finish knitting for conference, so I stacked up a pile of rentals and Netflix and got to work.

Robin Hood. I settled in to watch the first DVD in this BBC television series sort of expecting something akin to … Read more »

Linkage, Reminders and a Contest

I’m a little rushed this week as I get ready to go to the Romance Writers of America conference in San Francisco, so here are some quick links for all of you that I thought I would share.

If you are going to the conference, then check out these:

1) Map of the area. Niki Burnham sent me this link and it is fabulous. Click to go to the Union Square neighborhood, and then click on the link that says “Map”. You’ll get a pdf file of the neighborhood, the sort of detailed map that tells you all the … Read more »


Okay, another book is done. Pippin and Dash have their story. And I am no longer chained to my office and computer. I’ve spent the last few days blinking owlishly at the world and of course, shopping for RWA’s national conference in San Francisco next week. Shoes, a couple of new dresses, makeup, the usual stuff. I asked my editor if she stresses about going to conference and what to wear, then we laughed over it, because she actually has her work clothes, so for her the clothes aren’t the problem, but apparently getting all her shoes in the suitcase … Read more »

Why I Love My Library

I’m trying to finish a book right now (in the final week stretch) and while I am editing the draft I run into words I’ve shoved into the story that are either: a) creatively spelled or b) I’m not positive they mean what I think they mean. Or it’s old slang that I’ve used to give the story that period feel. But all in all, I need a good dictionary when I edit to make sure I’ve got it right.

I really try hard to get it right. Let’s put it this way, last night —really, last night–I … Read more »

Isn't She Sweet?!

I’ve been hankering to get a dog for months now. I had a dear kitty for seventeen years, and she passed away about two years ago. Last winter I started getting the pet bug again, but I ran into two obstacles. The husband and my youngest. The husband objects because he didn’t grow up with animals and just doesn’t understand. Oh, he loves animals, but doesn’t really get the whole “let’s get a dog” passion I have right now. And the other obstacle? My youngest, who is terrified of most dogs. My husband is convinced I’ll never get Matthew past … Read more »

Since the Excerpt for Tempted by the Night is Up

I thought I’d tease you further with an edited letter from Valarie, a reviewer who was lucky enough to get to read an early edition of the book. Her email is edited because she shares a HUGE spoiler in it and I know that none of you would want to have the book spoiled by seeing too much. So here is what Valarie wrote:

Hi Elizabeth,

WOW! Loved it, Loved it, Loved it, and let me just say again, LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

You’re right, I never expected THAT. I loved both Rockhurst and Hermione, but I never would have guessed what

Read more »
Psst. The Excerpt is Up. Tell Everyone.

Go ahead. You don’t have to read anything more today. Just the excerpt from Tempted by the Night. ‘Nuff said.… Read more »


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