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Archive for April, 2008

You'll never believe what I found

sitting in the front row of my Jane Austen talk last week. In fact, the entire night was sort of a series of unexpected moments.

But before I give the real shock away, let me tell you, I am so relieved those chats are over. While I’m usually pretty confident I know more about the era than the average bear, I always get nervous before I do a talk on Jane Austen. Because she is so beloved, so studied, so written about. So I did my talk by skirting Jane and just talking about her era. That is fun. Sharing … Read more »


This is probably not a word that most people would use when describing me. I am not the most patient person. I want things to happen. Now. Not months from now, not years from now. But now. Today. Immediately. And so I became a writer. I can just see career counselors and life coaches all over the place just shaking their heads. Because writing is all about the patience. The hurry up and wait. A one page at a time sort of existence. I can’t just get up one morning with a brilliant idea and sit down at 9 with … Read more »

Let Them Eat Cake . . .

I have to admit it. I suck at decorating cakes. I mean, I really stink at it. And don’t suggest a cake decorating class. I flunked. Twice. It is humbling to have the cake decorating teacher suggest, ever-so-politely, that while my desire to learn how to make cakes special for my children’s birthdays was admirable, I might want to just buy them from Safeway. Sigh.

And then there was the Seven Minute disaster. I called my mom in tears after I had gone through all my sugar and eggs and 4, yes, FOUR attempts to make Seven Minute Frosting. “Mom, … Read more »

When Friends Rock

I think one of the most amazing parts of being in this business is the sheer number of people you get to meet, either in person or online. The good friends you gather along the way who come into your life by chance and then seem to have been a part of your life forever. This week I saw a good friend, Lara Adrian, reach a pinnacle in her career – #6 on the New York Times list with her latest Midnight Breed book, Midnight Rising – and I was dizzy with excitement for her. When I couldn’t get … Read more »

April Fool's in July

Oh, come on. Did you really think I was going to give away the spoiler? Sorry, but you’ll have to wait until August 26th to find out what made Val cry.  Please, go back and finish reading today’s blog and have a great day.

Oh, and make a big deal about this in the comments over there and see how many other people we can lure in.… Read more »

Don’t Let the Librarians Fool You

Beneath their mild-mannered, Dewey loving exteriors, beats some very passionate hearts. I discovered that last week when I made my first trip to the PLA Conference in Minneapolis. (Just in case you aren’t a librarian, the PLA is the Public Library Association). Librarian and romance superhero, John Charles, invited me to open up the PreConference program, Romance 101. Our goal? To educate and hopefully gain enthusiastic support for seeing more romances in public libraries. Luckily for us, it was like singing to the choir, because the folks who came and spent half a day with us were so wonderful and … Read more »


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