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Archive for March, 2008

I got nothing . . .

At least not this morning.  Really slammed to get the book done and in overnight by today.  So check back tomorrow and hopefully I’ll have some spare words left.… Read more »

Psst . . . Do you like to win things?

Hey all, just to let you know, Samantha James is having a big, I mean, huge contest extravaganza to celebrate the release of her new book, The Seduction of an Unknown Lady. Get thyself over there and enter. She’s giving away tons of books, coverflats and some really cool grand prizes nearly every day. Just thought you might like to know, because she’s got some of my coverflats in there and a hardback of one of my books. You’ll have to enter to find out which one.

Oh, and her book comes out today–so make sure you go get … Read more »

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

I’ve been so caught up in finishing a book, everything has sort of stacked up on the desk. I looked up the other day, blinked like a ground hog and realized I’ve got a bunch of events coming up soon and I didn’t have any of the particulars nailed down. Like airline flights, hotels, rental cars, the sort of details that my lazy-ass assistant never gets to. Oh, wait, that’s me having to get up an hour early to get it all done–so you can understand why it just sort of doesn’t–get done that is. And with the first trip … Read more »

Getting My Irish On

Now that used to mean getting myself down to the nearest pub and . . . well, singing a lot of Irish songs into the night. And perhaps imbibing in a pint or two. (Kit, this is the point where you don’t snort your coffee all over your keyboard, nor do you comment.) But life is so very different now. This year it has turned into discovering my Irish roots in another way: Discovering the most authenticate and perfect recipe for Irish Soda Bread.

This all started about a week ago when my son’s teacher put out a call for … Read more »

The Countdown Begins

Read more »
In honor of Jane Austen . . .

I’m brushing up on my Jane Austen because I am speaking on her in April at my local libraries (in conjunction with the PBS Masterpiece airings of all the movies) and I ran across this. I found it rather vexing that anyone would find it intolerable to watch all six hours of P&P. Really, why would you have friends like that?

So I have to ask, did any of those sound familiar to you? Seeing that I was called “Lizzy” as a child, I don’t find it odd at all that one would want to be called that. But … Read more »


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