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Archive for February, 2008

I am such a bad hostess!

I totally forgot to post a cover of Sophia Nash’s book, The Kiss, for everyone to see. And it is such a great cover, I can’t believe I forgot to share. Mea Culpa and my apologies! And if you click on it, you can go right to Sophia’s page and read an excerpt!

And if Sophia snubs it me for it, I deserve it. :)Read more »

Welcome Sophia Nash

This week I am turning over the Monday morning duties to my good friend, Sophia Nash. Sophia has graciously offered to helm the blog today and tell you all about her new book, The Kiss, which hits the shelves tomorrow. I love Sophia’s books, which are lush, wonderful stories, and I like Sophia because she makes me laugh.

EB: The Kiss received a Top Pick from Romantic Times and is an All About Romance Desert Isle Keeper, congratulations. What drew you to writing this story of unrequited love?

Sophia: I had always wanted to write a book about … Read more »

Presidential Madness

And no, I am not talking about the election. And not even the fact that it is President’s Day. I’m talking about the Presidential Madness that has enveloped my nine year old son. He lives and breathes presidents like most boys do baseball players, hockey stars or soccer icons. It was a horrible shock when I had to tell him, “Sorry, honey, no there are not Presidential Trading Cards.”

I mean really, who wants to end up with a collection of Millard Fillmores?

No, in our house it is all about the presidents. Presidential biographies. (Who knew rough and tumble … Read more »

Again, Gotta Share . . .

English Invasion. Read all about it. And this time there will be no dumping the stuff in the harbor, not at this price. But make sure you scroll through the comments to see what SFC of  Manchester had to say about our generally barbarous treatment of tea.  I had to laugh.  Hope you do too!… Read more »

It's that week . . .

I know, I’m supposed to wax poetic about this week because I am a romance writer. It is rather like carrying the standard in this business. Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day, let’s trot the local romance writers out of their caves, dress them in red and have them go on and on about the power of love. Gads, I think I am going to choke on my box of chocolates.

It’s not that I am against romance. Or Valentine’s Day–because any day where a man actually feels compelled to act on his guilt of not being romantic enough the rest of … Read more »

Gotta Share

Read Christina Arbini’s blog yesterday and spent a good thirty minutes afterward laughing my ashes off.  Go check it out.… Read more »

Is that a . . . ?!

During the holidays I received a card from a friend. For some reason, the card hung around my desk and I couldn’t bring myself to toss it. For some reason I kept thinking about her and finally, faced with cleaning the desk (which meant tossing the card) and doing something else (like clean my desk), I grabbed a note card and wrote her a quick letter. I just jotted down a few things . . . Thinking of you . . . hoping all is well in your new home . . . will we catch up in SF? Sure … Read more »


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