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Archive for January, 2008

Monday Meanderings

I wish I could be inspired this morning and give you something to ponder over the next seven days, but I’ve had the flu for a week and running my push one button have a latte coffee machine is taxing my bandwidth right now. So I thought I would share something I found amusing. My husband took the little hero to the Mariner’s Fan Fest on Sunday. Little hero LOVES baseball, DH DETESTS it, so it is a real sign of a father’s love that he would spend the day at Safeco Field with two 9 year olds as they … Read more »

London Calling . . .

So last week on my knitting blog, Knit the Stash, I filled out a questionnaire for a knitting swap, Beat the Winter Doldrums. Knitters do cool things like this. Get together, make small projects for each other, add in a pile of goodies and send said box of goodies along to a new friend. The questionnaire is to give your secret friend an idea of the things you like, and one of the questions was something along the lines of “where would you go for a vacation right now.” Now I know what the DH would answer: Hawaii. Before … Read more »

A Requiem for a Mouse

A moment of silence please for a brave and hardy (and I do mean HARDY) little Logitech mouse, who withstood hours of LineRider drawing, endless clicks on Buzz Lightyear uTube videos, and at times, we are sad to admit, ruthless banging when a page refused to load. This mouse, who spent his life in the merciless hands of two small boys has sadly given up the will to click.

Where other brands of mice have lasted a month, a week, an hour in the presence of He-Who-Makes-Mice-Tremble (yes, an hour is his personal record for breaking a mouse) this wee, … Read more »

Meet My Friend . . .

Debut author, Jamie Leigh Hansen. Her book, Betrayed, just hit the shelves, and I wanted to let all of you get to know her. I met Jamie years ago and was struck even then by her determination and her bright smile. A few months ago, during a Google search, I ran across her first book, and was thrilled! She kindly gave me an advance copy (which I loved) and now it is her time to shine.

EB: Jamie, you’ve worked a long time to get published–and through some tough health issues–what kept you going and kept you writing?

JLH:Read more »

So I lied.

Yes, I have an extra blog this week, but not here.  Over at Purple Hearts.  Drop by, but be advised:  I am handing out non-nonsense, non-fuzzy advice about writing.  You know me, all warm and full of sugar now that I am about to embark on my New Year’s Resolutions.  Small children with candy be warned.… Read more »

Happy New Year!

How exciting! It is 2008! I can’t believe the last year passed so quickly, but that just seems to be the way of getting older and more settled with your life–time seems to speed up–just when I could really use a few extra hours in the day.

Speaking of getting older, the other day my DH and I were discussing getting a babysitter and the oldest hero asked for “a boy babysitter.” My husband was a bit taken aback by this, and then I chimed in that when I was little, my brother and I had a boy babysitter, whose … Read more »


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