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TBT: Tempted by the Night

Thought I’d go with my paranormal, haunted, ghoulish, monster/Jane Austen story, Tempted by the Night, for Halloween Eve.ElizBo1

So many people have asked why I decided to write historicals with paranormal elements, and I have to admit that I never set out deliberately to do it, rather the story/series idea would not go away and haunted me until I wrote them.

So after writing the first one, His Mistress by Morning, I knew I would never escape without writing Hermione’s story (well, make that Rockhurst’s). I got so many emails about him, pleading for his story, somElizBo2ething that didn’t surprise me in the least.

I sort of suspected that might happen when I was writing Mistress. Sometimes a character steps off the page and takes a place in your heart. Like I said last week, Temple, from my Danver’s series, was another such character. The very moment Rockhurst came striding onto the page I was hooked. I wanted to know all his secrets—just like Hermione—and I had a wonderful time coming up with his history and place in my wild, magical version of Regency London.

Now there was another challenge to writing this story that made it fun and unique: an invisible heroine. One point in my favor, I didn’t have to fuss much over what she was wearing or how her hair was arranged, (though I am sure that Hermione, clothes horse that she is, would have preferred a story around her rather, um, distinctive fashion sense.

Then again, having a heroine the hero couldn’t see made writing the love scenes, well, interesting, to say the least.

And I know you are all going to ask: Will I finish this series? I really, really want to write the rest of them. And I will do my best to find a way to do just that because I have such grand plans for Griffin and the rest of the Marlowes.

Read an Excerpt from His Mistress by Morning or Order a copy.
And take a Peek inside Tempted by the Night, and make sure to get a copy. If only for that gorgeous sexy cover!

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5 Things About Melissa McClone

I am so thrilled to have my dear friend, Melissa McClone on the blog today. Melissa and I had our kids like one after another, have traded mom advice through it all, and relied on each other as sounding boards when things got (and still do get) crazy. We walk a very similar path and have so MUCH in common that sometimes it’s almost scary . . .

Like our mutual need for Peanut Buster Parfaits while on deadline . . .

1) Did you have a nickname growing up?

Yes! I was Missy for the first eighteen years of my life. When I went off to college, I started going by Melissa and have been that ever since. Occasionally family and longtime friends still call me Missy.MistletoeWedding-MEDIUM

2) How do you pick the names of your Heroes/Heroines?

I have no method. Sometimes a name comes to me out of the blue or I’ll try to match a name to a personality type. One time I asked my 16 year-old daughter for suggestions which is why I now have a hero named Ashton/Ash. Want to guess what the name of the drummer in her favorite band is?

3) Do you celebrate when you finish a book and what you do?
Not sure I’d call it a celebration, but I sleep! For hours. And enjoy every minute!

4. If you could have only 3 electrical appliances in your house, what would they be and why?

1)    A computer—I use it to write, keep in touch, listen to music. Pretty much the one inanimate thing I wouldn’t want to live without!

2)    Refrigerator—ice cream! Need I say more?

3)    Lamp—I like light. We’ve been without power enough times I know reading by candlelight gets old fast as does using flashlights so I’d want a lamp so I could see!daniels-gift-200

 5.    Name three books on your keeper shelf.

1)    The Stand by Stephen King

2)    Daniel’s Gift by Barbara Freethy

3)    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen


You can find Melissa McClone at:

Her website: MelissaMcClone.com
On: Melissa’s Facebook Page
And Melissa on Twitter

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Sneak Peek: Meet Hannibal

ElizBo3One of my favorite parts of The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane is Hannibal, Louisa Tempest’s miscreant cat. A beast of a feline who is known far and wide for his bad manners, Louisa is always, well, you’ll see:

   “I do believe I can remedy this,” Louisa told the viscount, catching up the pot and marching determinedly toward the house when a protest arose from underneath the lilac bush.
   All three of them turned and she reversed course, climbing down through the weeds until she spied Hannibal tucked beneath. Moving quickly, she scooped him up.
   “Bad kitty,” she chided her cat, who she swore was grinning at her. “Actually this is why I was here in the first place—Hannibal came over the wall and—”
   She left off the remainder of that sentence since it was rather redundant. And I feared he’d wrought more damage.
   As her father liked to say, “Any sentence that begins with ‘Hannibal’ always ends with an apology.”

IMG_5623Over on my Pinterest board for The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane, you’ll find some pictures of cats who inspired Hannibal’s tabby appearance, and his tabby attitude. But I also drew Hannibal from my own cat, Pi, a rescue with tons of attitude and like Hannibal, a questionable habit of bringing presents.

That and always being on the wrong side of the door.



Want to read more of The Viscount Who Lived Down the Lane? Try the Excerpt and there is still time to Preorder your copy so it will be right there waiting for you on October 28th.

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Have You Met: Avon Addict Amy Valentini

This week I would like you to meet Avon Addict Alum, Amy Valentini, the woman behind the popular blog, Unwrapping Romance and the editorial service, Romancing Editorially. But most of all, she LOVES romance. So please welcome, Amy Valentini.

1) Do you immediately start another book once you finished one? Yes. I have a mountain of a To Be Read list and I actually have to schedule my reading so I literally finish one book, mark it as read and move on to the next.

2) What is the very first romance novel that you read? The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss, and I was hooked.

3) What new to you authors are you crazy about? Most recently – Laura Kaye, Codi Gary, Carey Baldwin, and Ella J. Phoenix.

4) Who are your must-buy authors? Wow, narrowed them down to top five – Candis Terry, Lynsay Sands, Pamela Palmer, Laura Kaye, and Maya Rodale.

5) Name three books on your keeper shelf and why.

  • Gentle Rogue by Johanna Lindsey. I can read this one over and again and never tire of it.
  • Dark Future by KC Klein because it’s an exceptional story and feeds my need for good science fiction/time travel.
  • The Flame and the Flower by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss because it inspired me to fall in love with and write romance.

You can connect with Amy at her blog, Unwrapping Romance and if you find yourself with editorial needs, stop by Romancing Editorially – Unwrapping Author Services. You can also follow her on Twitter.

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TBT: Stealing the Bride

Continuing my look back at the Danvers series, I cannot help but pause, make that linger over one of my all-time-favorite heroes, Temple.

I can’t even tell you how much I have crushed on this man. My one and only Book Boyfriend. And here is how Temple came to life:

Sometimes when you are writing a book, a single character sneaks up on you and boldly demands that their story be told next.Temple When I was writing One Night of Passion, I hadn’t really given much thought to the character of Temple, Colin’s rakish cousin. But from the moment he stepped on the page, larger than life and so very charming, it was only a matter of time before this Clark Gable and Cary Grant all rolled up into one would be whispering his secrets into my ear.

So it was hardly a surprise when I wrote these paragraphs in One Night of Passion and saw Temple’s story came to life:

   Temple stepped off the curb to wave down his driver, Elton, who was waiting in the mews. Colin took the moment to glance back, still shocked by his betrothed’s abrupt refusal to marry him.

   To his surprise, he found Lady Diana peering down from a window, her eyes ablaze with a fiery passion that he had never before seen light her features. She hardly looked the hardbroken, ruined parti.

   But then again her gaze wasn’t on him. It was drilling into the back of his cousin’s wine colored jacket.

   Colin swallowed back what was left of his pride.

   Egads. Diana had never loved him.

   The realization hit him harder than he cared to admit, and at the same time, it made perfect sense. Her easy acquiescence to delay their wedding all these years. Her vehement refusal to marry him today.

   His court martial had only been an excuse. She’d cried off because she didn’t love him.

~One Night of Passion
by Elizabeth Boyle

Temple and Diana? What was I thinking? Suave, sophisticated Temple? Proper and orderly Diana? It was insane, it was the devil’s own match, it was perfect! It-happened-one-night

But what to do with them? Then I saw it — a homage to one of my favorite movies, It Happened One Night, a madcap, hilariously fun story of a runaway heiress and her pursuers. My version includes one very reluctant Temple.

I had the time of my life telling the story of the future Duke of Setchfield’s long-suffering and tempestuous romance with the impossible Lady Diana. If you haven’t given it a try, I hope you enjoy it!

Read the Excerpt or Order your copy today!

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